The 99th Divorce Chapter 12

Mrs. Li's voice was cold. But there was no telling whether she was talking to Su Qianci or Mrs. Tang. Liu Sao nodded and went away to call Li Sicheng.

When Sicheng came out, he was wearing something casual. A gray V-neck cotton T-shirt and white pants that made him look tall and handsome. There seemed to be a galaxy in his eyes. He pursed his lips and walked up.

Seeing everyone was silent, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Tang Mengying subconsciously, asking, "What happened?"

Old habits die hard. He never saw Su Qianci at first glance, but Tang Mengying. Su Qianci felt discouraged, but she soon got ahold of herself.

Tang Mengying looked upset and tried to speak. However, before she started, Mrs. Li waved at Li Sicheng and said, "Li Sicheng, come over to see this embroidery. What is it?"

Li Sicheng took back his glance and walked up, glancing at Su Qianci subconsciously. Seeing the face that was sullen and resentful, he thought she was pretty, although not as breathtaking as Tang Mengying. His eyes only lingered for a moment before they were focused on the collar.

"Tell mom, is this Arabic?"

He nodded and said, "Yes, it is Arabic. It means happiness."

As he said that, Su Qianci suddenly wetted her eyes and melted down with emotions. Mrs. Tang, on the other hand, became pale.

The ladies looked at each other, feeling sorry and compassionate about Su Qianci. However, the look they threw at Mrs. Tang and Tang Mengying was much more complex.

"What is it?" Li Sicheng still did not know what had happened. Seeing Su Qianci was brought to tears, he slightly frowned.

Su Qianci noticed his gaze and looked up. All of a sudden, their eyes met. Li Sicheng's eyes were always cold and deep. She had never seen anyone's eyes could be that cold and calm. It was as if even if a giant mountain collapsed in front of him, he would not move. No matter what she did, he was always calm and mysterious.

It was in those eyes that she drowned herself in her previous life, which was full of pain. However, she would not do that again, never. She would not love him this time around. Avoiding his investigative look, Su Qianci asked Mrs. Tang, "Mrs. Tang, do you think you should apologize?"

Mrs. Tang did not look too happy, but Tang Mengying who was standing behind her walked up and said to Mrs. Tang, "I'm sorry, mother. I lied to you"

As she apologized, the ladies yelped incredulously.

Mrs. Li was obviously shocked, unable to believe that Tang Mengying would do something like that.

Guilt crossed Tang Mengying's face. She said, "Grandma was a famous dressmaker when she was younger. She wished that I could hand-make a qipao for auntie. However, I spent so many years abroad that I had forgotten what my grandmother taught me. When I was at home, I was only pretending for grandmother's sake. I did not realize I would mislead you. Initially, I wanted to let it be and explain to you and auntie afterwards. But Su Qianci"

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