The 99th Divorce Chapter 123

Chapter 123: A Thief At Home
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Su Qianci did not believe for a second that Captain Li had never been to Maldives. However, she had to come up with a reply. As Su Qianci hesitated, Captain Li sighed and said, "Indeed, no one is willing to travel with an old man like me Even my own family abandoned me."

"Grandpa I didn't mean" Su Qianci quickly said.

"Then it's a done deal."

Su Qianci was rendered speechless. The moment the call was over, there was a knock on the door. It was Nanny Rong. "Madam, food is ready."

"Be there in a minute." However, a few minutes later, when Su Qianci opened the door, Nanny Rong was still waiting there.

"Madam, this is for you." Nanny Rong gave her a small envelope. She took a photo out of the envelope. In the photo, a gorgeous white grand piano was underneath the luscious leaves of wisteria. The sun was shining through the leaves. A girl in white was sitting behind the piano, playing with tears on her face. Behind the girl, a tall figure was standing still, his face gentle. In the photo, he was not that cold person she was used to seeing.

Is that an illusion?

"You took this?"

Nanny Rong nodded and said, "Madam, in fact, he is not as cold as he looks. I saw him growing up and know him well. Although he does not say it, he has fallen for you."

Su Qianci was dazed by that speech.

Seeing Su Qianci's reaction, Nanny Rong continued, "Between couples, everything could be forgiven. You should talk to him and ask him to come back home. It is just not right for him to stay at the hotel all the time with no one looking after him. Don't blame me for overstepping the boundaries. He is actually a quite nice person. Although he is quiet, he would not do anything without reasons. Don't fight with him anymore. It pains me to see you fighting. In a couple of years, I'm going to retire. I really wish to help you with your children before I do."

Su Qianci looked down as she smiled bitterly. Nanny Rong was being reasonable and loyal. However, she had no idea what had happened. It was not Su Qianci's fault that the call she got the other night was something that cut deep. Su Qianci wanted to ignore it, but she couldn't. The pain was giving her nausea constantly. "I know, Nanny Rong."

"I just called Mr. Li and he will not come home today. That's why I called Captain Li. I am sorry but I'm really trying to look out for you."

"That's okay. Thank you, Nanny Rong."

Getting a perfunctory answer, Nanny Rong looked worried and sighed again. At around 9 PM, Su Qianci walked downstairs to the living room after her shower. Before going into shower, she was discussing a new project with Lu Yihan and left the chat open. However, when she came out of the shower, it was the desktop that she saw on the screen. Someone had touched her computer! At this hour, Nanny Rong had already gone home. There should be no one but her. Her heart was almost in her throat.

Is there a thief in the house?
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