The 99th Divorce Chapter 126

Chapter 126: An Early Divorce
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Hearing that, Su Qianci looked at him. Their eyes were locked and Su Qianci felt pressured by his cold look.

"About the divorce."

Divorce The sensitive word hit her ears unexpectedly. Su Qianci's mind suddenly became a mess. What did he want? Getting a divorce earlier? Under his intimidating gaze, Su Qianci suddenly felt sullen and scared. Was he not willing to pretend for grandpa's sake now? He just couldn't wait to be with Tang Mengying, right?

His calm face reminded her of the look he had when he had asked her to sign the divorce agreement in her previous lifetime. "Let's get a divorce." That was the last sentence he had said to her in her previous lifetime.

Seeing his serious and cold look, Su Qianci was able to see the future Li Sicheng. Feeling her eyes grow teary, Su Qianci turned around and said in a low voice, "There is not much to talk about between us."

Quickly walking to the sofa, Su Qianci took up her laptop and was ready to go upstairs. Li Sicheng said again, "Stop right there."

Su Qianci paused, but quickly ignored his words and went back upstairs. If it were the old Su Qianci, she might have stopped. However, why would she obey him for no reason?

"If you take another step away," Li Sicheng sounded even colder, "You won't be able to have your shares."

Su Qianci halted and looked back abruptly. "How did you know?"

Li Sicheng sneered. "Did you think you can hide it from me?"

Su Qianci felt a chill sent down her spine and asked incredulously, "You were spying on me?"

Seeing that Su Qianci had stopped, Li Sicheng looked pleased. Not denying it, he glanced at the seat opposite him and commanded, "Sit down." Then, he took the chopsticks and started to eat with great manners.

Seeing him eating elegantly, Su Qianci felt scared. This man was watching her? He seemed to pay her no attention, but actually, she had been living under his watch. How did she forget that it was Li Sicheng that she was dealing with? Less than twenty-six years old, he had become a big deal in Kingstown. Before he turned thirty, he would make his company an international empire. A man like this was clearly capable of anything.

Su Qianci slowly walked toward Li Sicheng. However, each step was difficult. She did not want to talk to Li Sicheng, because she did not want to divorce him right away. No matter how much Li Sicheng hated her, she was not willing to see Tang Mengying get her way. Tang Mengying could not be his wife, but only his mistress. Before Su Qianci destroyed Tang Mengying completely, there was no way she would get a divorce. It seemed that she should start the plan to ruin Tang Mengying's life sooner. However, Su Qianci was not ready yet. But how about her company Lu Yihan's company? Su Qianci suddenly felt she was in a dilemma.
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