The 99th Divorce Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 Keep It From Her For The Rest Of Her Life?


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When she heard her daughters words, Su Qianci turned her head and saw the father and daughter walk out from inside.

Li Sicheng was carrying his daughter in his arms. His steps were steady. When he heard what Li Jianyue said, he broke out in laughter and nodded his head. Alright, Ill speak to your mother about it. Whether or not it succeeds will have to depend on you.

I heard it all. Su Qianci kept her face straight and turned toward them. Looking somewhat upset, she remarked, To think my own daughter is criticizing me behind my back! Tell me, how should Mommy punish you?

When Li Jianyue heard that, she quickly covered her mouth. Knowing that she had spoken too much, she looked at Li Sicheng with puppy-dog eyes and cried out, Daddy, save me

Li Sicheng carried his daughter over and pinched her little cheeks. He whispered to her, Ill help you in a moment.

Li Jianyue saw that her father was acting in such a secretive manner and quickly nodded her head. Carefully, she turned to glimpse at her mother before burying her head in the crook of her fathers neck. Daddy, you have to keep your word. Dont be swayed by Mommys charm and beauty.

The little girl thought that her voice was really soft, but at the same time, Ou Ming and Yu Lili both burst out laughing.

Li Jianyue was shocked. She turned to look at them and realized that they were both looking at her. She took a few gulps before venturing to sneak a peek at Su Qianci.

When she realized that her mother was looking at her too, her heartbeat quickened. She quickly climbed down from her father. With her little stumpy feet, she ran over to Su Qianci, calling out, Mommy!

Su Qianci pretended not to hear her and turned her head away with a harrumph.

Li Jianyue quickly ran over to her other side and pleadingly hugged on to Su Qiancis arm, as she called, Mommy!

This time, Su Qianci looked down at her. Li Jianyue puckered up her lips and leaned over. Her voice was a little muffled as she said, A kiss

Before her lips could reach Su Qiancis, a big hand blocked her face. Her kiss landed on a rough palm.

Li Sicheng picked her up and left her by the side of the couch as he instructed, Go and play with your brothers.

Li Jianyue became a little upset and pouted her lips.

Right at that moment, Li Mosen came out bearing a tray. On the tray were two elegant and beautiful cups. Right behind Mosen, Li Jianqian was balancing two plates of snacks. He placed the snacks on the tea table.

How mature. Yu Lili looked at the three children a little enviously and asked, They are five this year, arent they?

Yeah! Dasu and Ersu are five. Mosen is already six. They arent little kids anymore. Su Qianci bit back a smile as she looked at them.

Su Qianci was looking a lot more motherly than she had years before. At the same time, her face was even more striking and beautiful.

Nanny Rong brought out another two cups of tea and some fruit juice for the children. She said, Mr. Ou, I heard you were injured. Your eyes

Ou Ming chuckled and replied, Theyve recovered. They just recovered a few days ago. Nanny Rong, please have a seat. I would like to say something.

Yu Lili placed the gifts that they had brought on the table. She looked at Ou Ming and could roughly guess what he was about to say.

Indeed, Ou Ming fished out two little red booklets from his pockets and placed it in front of the others. The words marriage certificate were emblazoned across the booklets.

When Li Sicheng saw that, a smile emerged that reached all the way to his deep eyes. He exclaimed, Youve done it? Your mother finally agreed to it?

No. We decided to do it first and report it later. Ou Ming placed the marriage certificates carefully back into his pocket. If I had told her about it first, she would never have agreed no matter what.

What are you intending to do now? Keep it from her for the rest of her life? Li Sicheng asked.

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