The 99th Divorce Chapter 13

"That's what it is." One of Mrs. Li's friends nodded knowingly. "Old Mrs. Tang is weak now. Tang Mengying is being a good kid, trying not to let her down."

Tang Mengying looked down, showing guilt and bowing to everyone sincerely. "I'm sorry for not explaining in time. But I did not mean it. I wanted to explain afterwards. I did not know that Su Qianci would be so so serious about this"

"Exactly. Focusing on such a detail, she is petty." Mrs. Tang cut in and said, "The Su family did not teach you well. An illegitimate daughter after all. I wonder what Captain Li was thinking." In her eyes, Tang Mengying was the one who should be married to Li Sicheng.

Mrs. Li did not look too happy. It was her daughter-in-law after all. Even if she did not like Su Qianci, Mrs. Tang was not giving her any face when scolding Su Qianci.

"It seems that you are very curious about what I think," an old voice cut in, full of energy.

Everyone was shocked and looked back.

"Mr. Li."

"Captain Li."


An old man walked in. He was in his sixties, but his back was straight, and his movements looked well-trained, like a soldier stationed on the national border.

He was one of the people that Su Qianci respected the most, the master of the house, Captain Li Xun.

Seeing him, Su Qianci couldn't help straightening her back. It was a habit of hers. Su Qianci did not know that her habitual move made Li Sicheng's eyes even darker.

Hearing Captain Li's voice, Mrs. Tang's chubby face became pale. Feeling the awkwardness, she quickly explained, "No, Mr. Li, I am only saying that casually. Please do not take it seriously. How should I know what you think?"

Su Qianci sneered inwardly. When facing Su Qianci, Mrs. Tang was so arrogant that she could not even contain herself. When facing grandpa however, Mrs. Tang became such a coward. What a difference!

"Speaking casually? You were embarrassing the granddaughter-in-law that I hand-picked. If I did not know you better, I would think that you were trying to pick a fight with me." His volume was just medium, but the words carried a lot of weight.

Such words frightened Mrs. Tang immediately. When she was about to explain, a pair of hands held her down. Tang Mengying squeezed her mother's hands and said to Captain Li, "Grandpa Li, long time no see."

Captain Li glanced at her and only nodded before his eyes fell on Su Qianci. His aging face suddenly looked happy as he waved at Su Qianci, "Qianqian, come over to grandpa."


It had been a long while since she had heard that. Ever since she was set up by Tang Mengying and suspected to commit arson, she had never heard grandpa call her in this way.

It had been at least two years!

Su Qianci's eyes wetted as she went up to him and called, "Grandpa."

"Good girl." Captain Li grinned as his wrinkles folded. He was so nice that it was hard for people to connect him with the scary captain. "Did you sleep well? Are you used to sleeping in the old house?"

Su Qianci nodded meekly like a kitten.

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