The 99th Divorce Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Nanny Rong Found the Secret
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When Su Qianci had freshened up, it was twenty minutes later. Since they were going back to be old house and she was not feeling quite well, Su Qianci chose to wear something casual, looking young and fresh.

Nanny Rong was stunned to see Su Qianci in her outfits, exclaiming, "Everything looks so good on madam. Don't you think, Mr. Li?"

Sitting on the sofa, Li Sicheng turned his head around after hearing Nanny Rong. He was slightly stunned by Su Qianci's fresh look as well. However, he still looked away, put newspapers on the coffee table, and walked outside.

Su Qianci had been used to his attitude, so she spat her tongue at Nanny Rong and said, "Nanny Rong, you could go home if there's nothing else. We won't be back very soon."

"Yes, madam." Nanny Rong watched the couple leaving with a smile and then went upstairs to tidy up Su Qianci's room. As soon as she entered Su Qianci's room, Nanny Rong saw Su Qianci's laptop placed next to her pillow. Shaking her head, Nanny Rong muttered, "It's not good for her health to put the laptop here." When Nanny Rong was about to put Su Qianci's laptop into the drawer of her nightstand, she saw a document lying there. Nanny Rong curiously glanced at it and saw the title "Divorce Contract"

When the couple arrived at the old house, it was almost 6 o'clock, dinner time. Qin Shuhua was sitting next to a strong man, looking at photo albums together and laughing.

"Mom, big brother," Li Sicheng called and looked at Su Qianci. It was the first time in this lifetime for her to meet this brother-in-law, so Su Qianci felt a bit nervous. He looked like Li Sicheng, but seemed much gentler. In her last lifetime, Su Qianci had only met him twice at the family dinners. She felt in awe towards this young officer. If Li Sicheng was compared to an iceberg, then Li Beixing was definitely a pine tree, making people feel trustworthy.

"Mom, brother," Su Qianci called.

"This is your wife?" Li Beixing smiled and said to Li Sicheng, "Good eye."

"Grandpa chose her for me," Li Sicheng mentioned and sat down opposite his brother.

He meant he could not say no because grandpa picked her?

Li Beixing smiled, not knowing what to say to this brother. Glancing at Su Qianci, Li Beixing waved at her and said, "Come and sit."

Su Qianci felt a bit awkward, sitting down next to Li Sicheng.

"I'm so sorry about last time. Did you blame me for not visiting you at the hospital?"

Su Qianci shook her head. "It wasn't a big deal. It's okay."

"Not a big deal?" Said Captain Li with his powerful voice. He sneered and hit Li Beixing with his cane. "For a random girlfriend of yours, you left your sister-in-law alone. Way to care about your family!"

Li Beixing's face twisted as he said in pain, "Grandpa, Qianci is still around. Can't you wait until later?"

"Learn your lesson!"
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