The 99th Divorce Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Coping With Tang Mengyings Agenda
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After hitting his grandson, Captain Li's mood was clearly elevated. Sitting next to Su Qianci, he said kindly, "Qianqian, did Li Sicheng treat you right?"

"He's great."

"Is that true?" Captain Li glanced at Li Sicheng and frowned at his calm face. "Do you think I don't know my grandson? Is staying at a hotel for more than a month the way to keep up his marriage?"

Neither Qin Shuhua nor Li Beixing had heard about it, so they were both shocked and looked at Li Sicheng. However, Li Sicheng did not seem to notice that he had become the center of attention. Taking a cup of tea, he slowly took a sip.

"You lived in a hotel for more than a month?"

"Are you two fighting?"

Qin Shuhua and Li Beixing spoke at the same time. The former looked knowingly, while the latter looked a bit relieved.

Su Qianci glanced at Qin Shuhua and did not know whether it was her illusion to see relief in her mother-in-law's eyes. Su Qianci's heart sank. Qin Shuhua was probably still thinking about getting Tang Mengying to be her daughter-in-law.

"Brother Sicheng, you're back?" said a soft voice outside the door.

The Tang couple walked inside together with Tang Mengying and Tang Mengqing, grinning. Seeing Li Sicheng, Tang Mengying was pleasantly surprised. However, her enthusiasm was only greeted with silence from Li Sicheng. Tang Mengying felt a bit embarrassed. Tang Mengying's father, Tang Zhenghao immediately came to her rescue by saying, "Beixing, you're finally back. How long will you stay this time?" When Tang Zhenghao was young, he was in the military as well. After he came back from the military, he started his own business, which was why he had great expectation for Li Beixing since he was a kid. Since the two families were neighbors, Tang Zhenghao basically treated Li Beixing like his own son. If it was not because Tang Mengying liked Li Sicheng, Su Qianci doubted that Tang Zhenghao would marry his daughter to Li Beixing.

"Just three days. A small break."

"That's not bad. When I was young, we only got to have one-day breaks, so I couldn't even come home." Tang Zhenghao was more than fifty years old, a few years older than Li Sicheng's father.

Tang Zhenghao then looked at Su Qianci and said, "This is Li Sicheng's wife?"

"Nice to meet you, Uncle Tang."

Tang Zhenghao quickly smiled and said, "Very well." However, he did not even say anything to Su Qianci before he looked to Captain Li. "Let's go. Our two families haven't gone out in a while."

Hearing the proposal, Li Sicheng frowned and asked his grandpa and mother, "Where are we going?"

Li Beixing also looked confused. Qin Shuhua explained, "Tang Zhenghao had asked us to have dinner together a few days ago. Unfortunately, your dad is out of town these days, so we are still missing one person."

"You guys go. I'm too old to get used to the food from a restaurant," Captain Li said.

Su Qianci had learned from their chatting that Tang Mengying had made the reservation today and felt a bit ominous. It turned out that when they just sat down at the dinner table, Tang Mengying handed Su Qianci the menu and asked her to order. Su Qianci glanced at the menu and found it was in German. Was Tang Mengying trying to embarrass her?
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