The 99th Divorce Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Knocked up
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Hearing Tang Zhenghao's words, Tang Mengqing became scared. Tang Mengying immediately stood up and said in a warning tone, "Qianci must be mistaken."

Once the best friend of Tang Mengying, Su Qianci of course understood what she was trying to hint at. However, pretending not to understand, Su Qianci said with a puzzled look, "No way. I remember"

"Su Qianci!" Mrs. Tang could not help exclaiming, "Do not spread rumors. There will be consequences for you."

Su Qianci immediately shut her mouth, seeming to be terrified. However, even an idiot could tell that the Tang women were trying to hide something.

Tang Zhenghao, too, could tell that his wife and older daughter were trying to protect Tang Mengqing. It was their attitude that confirmed Su Qianci's words.

"You were knocked up?" Tang Zhenghao tried to withhold his anger, looking at his younger daughter.

Shaking, Tang Mengqing tried to hide behind her sister, not daring to speak.

Tang Mengying shot a resentful stare at Su Qianci and put an arm on Tang Mengqing, saying, "Dad, don't"

"Is that true?" Tang Zhenghao hit the table hard and bristled.

Su Qianci had no idea that Tang Zhenghao would look so threatening given what a gentleman he normally was.

Tang Mengqing was in tears, crying, "Why don't you believe me? You think Su Qianci is telling the truth? Who is your daughter on earth"

Mrs. Tang was startled and immediately came to her daughter's rescue. "You're scaring our daughter."

"That's right, dad. Mengqing is terrified," said Tang Mengying. "Let's figure it out at home."

Tang Zhenghao looked at Su Qianci and asked, "Qianci, tell me the truth."

Feeling the gaze from the Tang women, Su Qianci felt secretly overjoyed. Didn't they want to set her up? She will hit back first. Su Qianci pretended to be hesitant, looking at her mother-in-law for help.

Qin Shuhua shook her head, and Su Qianci immediately said apologetically, "There must be some misunderstanding. I must be wrong. I'm so sorry, Uncle Tang"

"Seriously?" Tang Zhenghao looked incredulous.

Su Qianci seemed to be torn and nodded after a long hesitation.

Seeing her reaction, Tang Zhenghao knew what was going on. However, it was after all a family matter. And since Su Qianci had said that, Tang Zhenghao would just pretend everything was a mistake and hide the dirty laundry. Bristling inwardly, Tang Zhenghao looked grim.

A few minutes later, Su Qianci went to the bathroom. However, when she was about to go out of the bathroom, someone was waiting for her. Seeing Su Qianci, Tang Mengqing's face was twisted in anger as she raised her hand to slap Su Qianci's face.
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