The 99th Divorce Chapter 136

Chapter 136: How Dare You Bully My Wife
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Su Qianci reacted fast and caught Tang Mengqing's hand.

Tang Mengqing had no idea that Su Qianci would be so agile and became even more angry, screaming, "You bitch. Were you trying to get me killed? How can you be so wicked?"

Su Qianci suddenly chuckled and pushed Tang Mengqing's hand away. "An eye for an eye."

"You" Tang Mengqing growled and tried to hit Su Qianci again, "Shameless bitch."

Su Qianci's eyes became cold, as she grabbed Tang Mengqing's arm and twisted it behind her back, holding Tang Mengqing down at the sink.

Tang Mengqing let out a cry in pain and cursed, "You shameless woman, cheating on Li Sicheng and setting me up in front of my dad. What did I ever do to you?"

What did your whole family do to me?

Su Qianci said coldly, "If you have never crossed me, I would have done nothing to you. And I was only stating a fact."

Tang Mengqing was pushed down further and cried, "Ouch, let go of me!"


"Let go of me. My arm is going to break"

"Apologize, and then I will let go."

"I Sorry"

"What are you sorry for?"

Tang Mengqing was pushed against the sink, with a mirror in front of her. Seeing how miserable she looked, Tang Mengqing felt sullen and exclaimed, "Don't push it!"

"It seems that you want to have your arm broken." Su Qianci pushed Tang Mengqing down again.

Feeling the excruciating pain, Tang Mengying almost felt that her arm was broken for real. "I'm sorry I was wrong. I should not curse you and"

"You asked for it!" Su Qianci then pulled Tang Mengqing up and let her go.

Tang Mengying stretched her arms and suddenly shoved Su Qianci hard. Caught off guard, Su Qianci's head was knocked against the wall, making a huge noise. Tang Mengqing was finally pleased, walking outside. Feeling the pain in her forehead, Su Qianci quickly reached for Tang Mengqing before she went out. However, Su Qianci was only able to claw at her thigh.

Tang Mengqing was wearing a very short puffy skirt. And Su Qianci accidentally reached underneath it. Su Qianci clearly felt that her fingernails had dug deep into Tang Mengqing's flesh. With a burn on her thigh, Tang Mengqing felt the pain after two seconds. She lifted her skirt and saw five bloody scratches.

"Ahhhhhh! Su Qianci you bitch."

Su Qianci had no idea that the scratches would be so deep. Seeing Tang Mengqing coming at her again, Su Qianci dodged the attack but felt dizzy, almost falling to the floor. Su Qianci had to shout, "Help! Help!"

Tang Mengqing bristled, "Don't you dare to pretend!"

Su Qianci quickly ran out of the bathroom. As Tang Mengqing was about to catch up with her, Su Qianci suddenly ran into someone. Feeling terrified, Su Qianci looked up and saw a pair of familiar eyes. Seeing Su Qianci's forehead was swollen, Li Sicheng immediately gazed at Tang Mengqing who was running after Su Qianci coldly.

Scared by his look, Tang Mengqing stopped and did not dare to go forward.

Looking gloomy, Li Sicheng asked in a dangerous tone, "How dare you bully my wife?"
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