The 99th Divorce Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Cried out Loud
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Li Sicheng's intimidating tone made him sound like an Asura.

Tang Mengqing had always known that Li Sicheng was someone who she should never cross. However, she had no idea he could be so terrifying. Tang Mengqing shuddered and did not dare to move a muscle.

Hearing Li Sicheng's words, Su Qianci felt her heart thumping a little.

How dare you bully my wife?

He really said that. However, as her heart raced, she felt even more dizzy, about to lose her balance. Li Sicheng took Su Qianci into his arms and glanced at Tang Mengqing again as Su Qianci's forehead looked even more swollen.

Although Li Sicheng did nothing, Tang Mengqing could not stop shuddering.


"Mr. Li, I kinda want to throw up" Su Qianci leaned against him and whispered.

Li Sicheng held Su Qianci and said softly, "You might have a concussion. I will take you to the hospital."

Feeling dizzy, Su Qianci said nothing, put her arm around his neck, and let him take her out of the restaurant.

Seeing that Tang Mengqing had been away for awhile and Su Qianci had also disappeared, Tang Mengying felt a bit uneasy. When she went to look for her sister, Tang Mengying saw Li Sicheng carrying Su Qianci in his arms and immediately bit her lips. However, Tang Mengying immediately pretended to be nervous, asking in a caring tone, "What's wrong? Is Su Qianci feeling well?"

Li Sicheng glanced at her sharply and said, "Keep your family under control. Next time, I will not be so nice."

The cold tone made Tang Mengying dumbstruck.

Li Sicheng walked away with Su Qianci in his arms, leaving Tang Mengying alone.

As Li Sicheng went far, Tang Mengqing collapsed on the floor with cold sweat all over her. Seeing Tang Mengying, Tang Mengqing immediately pouted and cried out loud, "Sister!"

Hearing Tang Mengqing's voice, Tang Mengying ran to her. "Why are you sitting on the floor?"

Tang Mengqing sobbed, "I think I have made a mistake" Then, Tang Mengqing told Tang Mengying everything in detail, and she felt especially uneasy about the fact that Su Qianci might have a concussion. After figuring out what had happened, Tang Mengying felt an even deeper sense of crisis. Brother Sicheng warned her because of that woman! In addition, he warned the Tang family. Based on the character of Li Sicheng, he would not normally make such a threat.

Is it possible that he has fallen for Su Qianci in just three months? How is that even possible? Why did Li Sicheng feel nothing for me in over a decade? No, this cannot be They must get divorced sooner. The plan to destroy Su Qianci must be put forward, and this time, she must be ruined completely.
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