The 99th Divorce Chapter 14

"That's good. That's good. Is anyone bullying you in this family?"

"No, everyone is very nice to me. No one bullies me," Su Qianci replied sophisticatedly.

Captain Li nodded and said with a smile, "If anyone bullies you, just tell grandpa. Not only within the family, but also the outsiders."

Everyone present was smart, so they all understood what Captain Li meant.

Mrs. Tang became even more pale, not daring to say anything on the side. Tang Mengying smiled and walked up, saying, "Grandpa, there is brother Sicheng in the house, and me out of the house as Qianqian's sister. You can rest assured."

Captain Li heard her words, looked at her and snickered, "If you think like this, that would be the best."

Tang Mengying's smile froze. As she was about to say something else, Captain Li suddenly looked to Li Sicheng who had been silent and called, "Li Sicheng."

This sudden turn made Tang Mengying swallow her words. She was not sure whether she should say it anyway. It was very awkward.

"Grandpa." Li Sicheng was not affected by any of that. It seemed he was a god, indifferent to everything.

Hearing Captain Li's call, Li Sicheng walked over and appeared in the center again.

"If I remember it correctly, today should be the third day since your wedding? Are you not going to take your wife to visit her maiden family?"

Pursing his thin lips, Li Sicheng was obviously unwilling. However, seeing his grandpa's unquestionable look, he had to answer, "Yes, I am preparing to."

"Stop pretending." Captain Li patted him on the shoulder and said, "Do not lose face of the Li family."

"OK." Li Sicheng put his hands into his pockets, glanced at Su Qianci, and walked back to his room slowly.

The ladies looked at each other as they could tell Captain Li was very protective of Su Qianci. Furthermore, they saw that he did not like Tang Mengying. In public, Captain Li rebutted Mrs. Tang and Tang Mengying, but supported the illegitimate daughter of the Su family fully. If this was spread out, no one would dare to bully Su Qianci anymore and everyone must respect her.

After all, the name of Li Xun was even more scary than the reputation of the Li family.

"Today is your mother's birthday. Didn't you prepare a gift? Take it out," Captain Li noted kindly.

Su Qianci nodded and went back to the room quickly.

The gifts was prepared by the Su family, part of her dowry. It was in the closet of her bedroom.

However, as she opened the door, she saw Li Sicheng picking out shirts, topless.

Su Qianci blushed and shut the door behind her, quickly walking to the closet with the gift inside, deliberately ignoring him.

When she retrieved the gift and turned, she suddenly hit a meat wall.

Su Qianci yelped and step back. However, the closet was small, and she tripped over it, falling involuntarily.

However, when Su Qianci thought she was about to fall hard, a long arm appeared behind her waist.

An unfamiliar scent of male hormones surrounded her. Su Qianci felt her heart tremble and sensed his body temperature on her waist. He was holding her!

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