The 99th Divorce Chapter 141

Chapter 141: A Secret Only She Knew
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Although it was a hotpot place, the price point was rather high, and the atmosphere was great, quiet and cozy. Li Sicheng looked around and reluctantly accepted to eat at this place. However, Su Qianci was told the private rooms were all full.

"Then let's eat in the lobby"

However, Su Qianci immediately stopped and looked at Li Sicheng. Someone like Li Sicheng was rarely seen sitting in the lobby

Sensing her hesitance, Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow and asked, "You really like this place, right?"

Su Qianci nodded. She hadn't come here in a long while, so she did not really want to leave. Seeing the hidden reluctance in Li Sicheng's eyes, Su Qianci immediately said, "We can go to a different place"

"This place is fine," Li Sicheng cut in. "Please find us a quiet spot."

Su Qianci felt surprised and blinked. "Okay." The waitress took them to a table next to the window. It was in the corner but had a great view. "Mr. Li, this is the best table in the lobby. Ring the bell anytime for service." Indeed, people recognized Li Sicheng wherever he went.

They soon finished ordering and Su Qianci was bubbly.

"When did you learn German?"

Asked abruptly, Su Qianci was dazed for a second before she quickly answered, "In the summer."

"Didn't you learn jujitsu in the summer?"

Su Qianci felt a bit uncomfortable and said it was the summer last year.

Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow and asked, "It takes a long time to learn a language. In addition, without practice it is unlikely that you are so fluent. You are sure you remember everything since last summer?"

In addition, Li Sicheng knew that Su Qianci spent the summer with the Su family last year.

"I just have a great memory."

Li Sicheng nodded and asked, "How about piano?"

As far as he knew, no one in the Su family knew how to play the piano, so they did not even own a piano. Judging from how Su Qianci had played, she was quite an expert. It took longer than one summer or two to reach her level.

Su Qianci's heart raced and she said evasively, "I'm just talented, I think."

Li Sicheng pursed his lips, pondering.

Su Qianci could hardly stand the investigative gaze from him. She put down her glass and said, "I'll go to the restroom." Then she stood up and walked to the restroom, feeling anxious. Dammit, how should she explain? Telling him the truth? He would definitely think that she was mad. However, it had never crossed Su Qianci's mind that she would need to explain herself. It did seem really odd that she had suddenly learned everything. When Su Qianci walked out, she had some answers ready.

On her way back, a cute girl called Su Qianci in broken sentences, "hello Do you speak Korean?"

Su Qianci arched an eyebrow and asked in Korean, "What do you need?"

The girl was clearly relieved and told her what had happened. It turned out that the girl had come to the restaurant and suddenly had her period. However, she did not bring tampons and asked Su Qianci for help. Fortunately, Su Qianci still had some on her. After getting it from Su Qianci, the girl thankfully went to the restroom.

Su Qianci smiled, turned around, and saw a tall figure at the end of the hall. Li Sicheng's eyes were dark. Standing still, he had a mysterious look on his face.
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