The 99th Divorce Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Did She Cheat On You?
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing Li Sicheng, Su Qianci's heart skipped a beat. When did he come? The fact that she spoke Korean Looking at his face, Su Qianci felt a bit guilty.

Li Sicheng looked at her silently for two seconds before he turned to the men's room.

Su Qianci felt relieved. He was only there to go to the restroom, right? A bit anxious, Su Qianci returned to her seat. She did not even dare to look back.

However, Li Sicheng did not even enter the men's room, but walked out and gazed at Su Qianci, deep in thought. Taking out his cell phone, Li Sicheng dialed Cheng You's number but did not call. With some thought, Li Sicheng found another number and call.

The call went through and Li Sicheng heard the tapping of keyboard. A male voice said, "Mr. Li, why are you calling me?"

"I need to investigate into someone."

"I'm in the IT business, not a detective. Why don't you find an agency?"

"It's my wife that I need to investigate into."

After a period of silence, the person asked, "Why?"

"She's acting odd."

"All right. I happen to be developing a related technology. However, the funding is still a bit lacking"

"How much?"

"Ten million."


The person chuckled and said, "Just having some difficulties in fundraising." It is rare that Li Sicheng needed something, so he must take this opportunity.

"Okay then. I need the result in two hours. Include all the details."

"Hey, wait a second. Are you interested in her relationships or background or something else? Did she cheat on you?"

Li Sicheng's eyes looked a bit deeper. "I want to know everything about her, everything."

"Gotcha. My bank account is the same. Love you!"

Li Sicheng was mortified and immediately hung up. Putting his phone back into the pocket, Li Sicheng walked back to his seat. At the same time, there was a sound of flushing from the men's room. Washing his hands, Sheng Ximing caught a glimpse of Li Sicheng's back.

Isn't he the husband of Ms. Su? He is hiring someone to investigate her?

Sheng Ximing had thought the couple were having a good relationship, but it turned out to be bullshit. After washing his hands, Sheng Ximing followed Li Sicheng and saw Su Qianci sitting opposite him.

"Ximing, what are you looking at? Everything is cooked," said Sheng Ximing's friend, Song Yifan.

"Coming." Sheng Ximing sat down, looking at Song Yifan. "You still remember Rong Xuan?"

Song Yifan's hand froze in the air for a moment as he stared at Sheng Ximing. Rong Xuan. The name of the girl who had once been their dream but then turned out to be a taboo.

Gathering his courage, then he continued, "I recently met a girl who looks a lot like her, and she is in this restaurant right now."
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