The 99th Divorce Chapter 147

Chapter 147: I Dont Allow It
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As the music ended, applause sounded like thunder. Song Yifan had not played since the first part. It was almost a concert by Su Qianci.

"Who's this? She played so well!"

"I have never heard about her. She looks really pretty too."

"She looks great. I heard that Song Yifan is still single. They look great together."

"No way. Song Yifan is clearly much older than her. In addition, she came with her boyfriend..."

Hearing that, a lot of people look towards Su Qianci's table.

"Wow. So handsome!"

"Isn't that Li Sicheng?"

"No way. It really is him."

"Oh my god, it is so exciting to see so many celebrities at the same time."

"Wait a second, is that girl the girlfriend of Li Sicheng? No, actually, don't tell me. I don't want to know."

"However, I heard Li Sicheng has married."

Hearing the whispers, Su Qianci felt like she was an animal in a zoo. Blushing, she stood up immediately. Song Yifan also stood up and they almost bowed to each other at the same time.

"Lovebirds!" Someone shouted, giving rise to laughter.

Su Qianci's heartbeat raced. Looking at Song Yifan, Su Qianci braced herself to say, "Mr. Song Yifan, can I have a photo with you?"

"That would be my honor." Song Yifan's words made a lot of girls scream.

"I'm gonna faint right now. He is such a gentleman."

"A mature man is always the most charming."

When Su Qianci took out her cell phone, a hand reached over to block the camera and took the phone away. Su Qianci was startled. Turning her head, she saw an obviously displeased face. Su Qianci had initially been ready to bristle, but seeing his face, she immediately softened her attitude. When did he come to the stage? She did not even notice. However, under the circumstances, Su Qianci frantically reached for her phone. "Give it back to me."

Li Sicheng looked even colder. Hiding the phone behind him, he took her body into his arms.

All Su Qianci wanted was her cell phone. Standing on her toes, she reached behind Li Sicheng. "Give it back to me. Why did you even do that?"

"I don't allow it." There was obvious displeasure in her voice.

Su Qianci bristled, "For what? It is my phone, and I'm not trying to take a picture with you. You have no rights."

It is exactly because it's not a picture with me. As he had that thought, even Li Sicheng himself was startled.

However, it was extremely uncomfortable for him to see Su Qianci standing next to Song Yifan.

Ignoring Su Qianci's complaint, Li Sicheng tightened his arm around Su Qianci's waist and said resolutely, "Let's go home."

Because of his grip, Su Qianci found how intimate they looked. She was almost stuck to his body. As she moved, she could clearly feel his body temperature. Everyone was looking at them. Her face burning, Su Qianci quickly bowed her head.
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