The 99th Divorce Chapter 148

Chapter 148: This Is Your Boyfriend?
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Embarrassed by the discussions near her, Su Qianci bowed her head lower, wishing she had somewhere to hide. Pushing Li Sicheng away, she whispered, "Let go of me."

Li Sicheng looked down and saw her pink ears How cute! Li Sicheng covered her ears with his hands and said to Song Yifan, "I have heard a lot about you. However, it's time for us to leave."

Seeing the clear displeasure on Li Sicheng's face, Song Yifan smiled warmly, nodded, and handed Su Qianci a business card, "This is my card, Ms. Su. Keep in touch."

"Song Yifan's card! My heavens!"

"She is so lucky. Why didn't they pick me?"

Keep in touch? Su Qianci was overjoyed. Her idol gave her his card and asked her to keep in touch. Since she came back to life, this was the happiest moment for Su Qianci.

Pushing Li Sicheng's hand away excitedly, Su Qianci immediately grabbed the little card. It was of a simple design, with only a name, phone number, and email address. No title, very Song Yifan. Su Qianci couldn't help thinking of a remark: being low-key is the best way to show off.

"Can we go home now?" Hearing the gloomy voice of Li Sicheng, Su Qianci was suddenly taken aback, nodded, and said to Song Yifan, "I think I'm leaving now."

"This is your boyfriend?" Song Yifan asked.

Su Qianci blinked. Boyfriend? That word was so irrelevant to her. She had never had a boyfriend. Shaking her head, Su Qianci smiled and suddenly felt a chill sent down her spine. Looking back, she saw Li Sicheng's deep-set eyes. Su Qianci immediately said, "Home, now." Going down the stage and walking out of the restaurant under everyone's watch, Su Qianci could not help feeling excited holding the card in her hand.

Not only had she taken care of Tang Mengqing, but she had also met Song Yifan today and got his card. Su Qianci felt she was super lucky. Staring at the card, she followed Li Sicheng closely. However, the men stopped walking abruptly. Not paying attention, Su Qianci hits his muscular back and hurt her nose. Covering her nose with one hand in pain, Su Qianci looked at Li Sicheng with tears in her eyes. "It hurts"

Li Sicheng looked back and saw the card in her hand. Then he quickly looked away and asked, "What's there to look at?"

Su Qianci blinked and smiled. "Everything." Seeing her idol's card was just like seeing Song Yifan himself.

Li Sicheng took the card from her hand. "Let me see it."

Su Qianci was startled, trying to take it back. However, whether deliberately or not, Li Sicheng released the card and it fell from his hand. There was no wind in Kingstown on that day, so the card fell directly into a slit on the manhole cover.

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