The 99th Divorce Chapter 149

Chapter 149: A Secret about Her
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"My card!" Su Qianci screamed and immediately squatted down. Under the manhole cover, the sewage was giving off stink. Su Qianci'S smile immediately disappeared as she bristled at Li Sicheng, "Why did you take it from me?" In addition, the street was too wide for him to stop directly above the manhole cover. He chose this moment to take the card away from her and drop it "accidentally." Did he do it on purpose?

However, Li Sicheng is not someone who would do something so childish, right? Glancing at her, some subtle emotions quickly passed Li Sicheng's eyes. Was this woman yelling at him?

Reaching out a hand, Li Sicheng said calmly, "It's just a card. I have one as well." Then he really took a business card from his pocket and gave it to Su Qianci.

However, the name on the card was Li Sicheng. The card was well-designed, with black background and silver letters. However, when Su Qianci saw the black business card, she immediately felt aggrieved, stomped her foot and left.

Seeing Su Qianci leaving on her own, Li Sicheng was a bit displeased. "Where are you going?"


"The car's behind us."

"I'll go home myself."

Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow. Is she being childish? He had thought she would not never act like this. At this moment, she was the exact same person on their wedding.

When Li Sicheng was about to follow her, his phone rang. It was Luo Zhan, one of his few friends. Li Sicheng picked up, placed the phone next to his ear, but did not speak.

"Mr. Li, I mean how long did you just give me?"

"Did you lose your memory?"

"Did you lose your sense of humor?"

"Do you have an answer?"

"Of course. However, prepare yourself first."

Li Sicheng felt slightly ominous. Maybe there is really something wrong about Li Sicheng's background?

"Su Qianci grew up in an orphanage although her family name is Su"

"Tell me something I don't already know," Li Sicheng cut in.

Luo Zhan said, "Wait for it! This is the foreplay before orgasm"

"Just tell me!"

"Easy. You can't rush through foreplay" It was the greatest pleasure of Luo Zhan to make Li Sicheng lose his mind.

Li Sicheng resisted the urge to hang up and remained silent.

Sensing the potential crisis, Luo Zhan immediately cleared his throat and said seriously, "Back in time, the daughter of the Su family, Su Han was lost when she was 17. According to investigation, she was a victim of human trafficking and was raped in a remote village, after which she gave birth to a child."

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes and said that, "You mean"

"Very likely your wife is the child of the rapist and Su Han. However, this is just a guess, and this is not even the scariest fact about Su Qianci." Luo Zhan left a cliffhanger deliberately and paused. "The scarier fact is that"
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