The 99th Divorce Chapter 15

Su Qianci felt enchanted, but then came back to herself. She straightened her back and pushed Li Sicheng away. Touching his impeccable skin and muscles, she suddenly blushed.

This man Such a tease!

He not only had a gorgeous face, but also had the bronzed skin many people would kill for and a body that She suddenly remembered his significant erection and wiggled involuntarily. Shaking her head hard, she tried to get rid of her unholy thought.

Quickly moving her eyes away and looking up, she saw his dark pupils. For some reason, Su Qianci explained, "I still have a gift to give You keep going!"

However, when Su Qianci was about to run, her arms were caught.

"Keep going?" Li Sicheng's voice was deep and mellow, like a cup of well-made hot coffee, rich in flavor.

Su Qianci was caught off guard and pushed against the wall. Her beautiful eyes were opened wide. Su Qianci looked at the man in front of her, full of surprise.

"You asked me to keep going? Did you know what I wanted to do?"

His voice was so intoxicating that Su Qianci's heart raced. People say that rising intonation was the sexiest in a man. She did not know about other women, but she was so nervous

Looking at Li Sicheng's dark pupils, Su Qianci swallowed and said timidly, "Weren't you trying to change?"

He needs to cover his sexy body up first. Luckily, Su Qianci had a soul five years older than her appearance. If it were before, she would have drooled all over him.

"I was trying to."

But now he did not want to do that.

With an undetectable dangerous look on his face, Li Sicheng curled his lips into a smile, "You want to leave?"

Holding back her desire to touch him, Su Qianci nodded quickly, took his hands away and said, "I'm going to give the gift to mother." She then pushed him away and quickly ran out, not daring to stay any longer.

She also conveniently shut the door.

Li Sicheng looked at the door and then squinted at a mirror close to him. The man in the mirror was handsome and fit. If it were the Su Qianci that she used to be, the moment he leaned her against the wall, she would have directly jumped him and announced, "We are husband and wife, and I shall perform my duty!"

But now

Was she pretending it? It looked a bit too real though. However, could this be who she really was? How come she had such a huge change over the night? He turned his attention back to his closet. He only needed to test her.

Su Qianci had no idea that he had already had suspicions. Full of hope, she retrieved the gift. When she appeared in the salon again, everyone was looking at her. Trying to make it seem natural, Su Qianci walked out with her best posture.

Mrs. Li looked at Su Qianci with an investigative and pleased look. She was glad that this daughter-in-law did not shame herself in front of her grandpa!

"Grandpa, mother," Su Qianci called and placed a large box on the table and then a smaller box in front of Captain Li.

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