The 99th Divorce Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Not Biologically Related
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"I haven't transferred the ten million."

Luo Zhan immediately sat up straight and said, "Dammit, I have finished your work and you haven't sent me the money?"

Su Qianci had gone far. Glancing at the white purse in his hand, Li Sicheng did not chase after her. Walking slowly next to his car, Li Sicheng went inside his car and said, "If you do that again, I will ask my assistant to pull the investment back."

Hearing that, Luo Zhan immediately grinned. "There is actually not much left. The family that bought Su Han later moved into a city. Su Han pretended to do grocery shopping one day and ran away with her daughter. She wrote a letter about who she was and her daughter's name and put it next to her daughter in front of an orphanage."

"So she wrote about the Su family?"

"Yes, basically she said she was a member of the Su family and whoever sent her daughter back to the Su family could receive a huge reward. The director of the orphanage believed it and was overjoyed. However, when she sent the daughter to the Su family, they did not admit that the baby was Su Han's. In addition, they even threatened to call the police for fraud. So that baby grew up in the orphanage. I believe you didn't know about these."

"You're right." Li Sicheng had no idea that this was the truth. The Su family were so ruthless that they did not even take in a baby related to them.

"Do you remember that Captain Li went to execute a project when he was about to retire? It was about eighteen years ago. A woman named Su Han saved his life and took a bullet for him. Captain Li was very touched and said he would agree to anything she asked. Su Han then said she wanted her daughter married to Captain Li's most outstanding grandson. This I believe you already knew. However, I'm curious as to why the Su family was willing to accept this niece later."

"Grandpa has his means." Li Sicheng slowly lit a cigarette and watched it burn.

"However, I also found out about another fact."

"What is it?"

"Su Qianci is not related to Su Zhengguo at all."

Su Qianci walked quickly but suddenly found that her white purse was gone. She had no money with her at all. And it was impossible for her to walk back to the house, since it would take more than half an hour driving back. More importantly, she had no sense of direction at all. Su Qianci was about to go mad. It was the first time for her to feel so frustrated since her rebirth. Was she supposed to walk back like this? In addition, Li Sicheng had her cell phone. What should she do? Go back to the restaurant to look for him? But she had been walking for nearly 20 minutes. If she turned back at this point, he might have left already. More importantly, she was the one who had stormed away

Forget it. Maybe Sheng Ximing is still in the restaurant.

Su Qianci chose to return to the restaurant but found the black Maybach was still parked at the same place. When she turned around the corner, Li Sicheng glanced at her. Sensing his gaze, Su Qianci's heartbeat accelerated. Was he waiting for her? However, seeing the cell phone in his hand, she then understood. This guy was simply taking a phone call. Walking up furiously, Su Qianci pulled the front door opened and went inside. All Su Qianci could see was the car, and she did not notice that opposite her, two young girls were watching.

"Isn't that the campus belle?"

"Didn't she have a concussion?"

"Look, she went inside the car"

"It's a Maybach That's at least a million dollars. Take a picture of it!"

"Faking sick leave! She is actually having a good time with her sugar daddy. What a slut!"
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