The 99th Divorce Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Dear Baby
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Su Qianci couldn't help tapping on it. Naturally, this campus belle was her.

The strict professor glanced at her and sneered, "Sit down please. Just don't bring your bad habits from daily life into my classroom."

"Bad habits" from "daily life?"

Su Qianci's eyes became cold as she asked, "What's that supposed mean?"

Before the professor spoke, a boy next to her said, "Stop pretending. You know exactly what the professor meant. Concussion? You are despicable."

"Ha ha, that is mean, but she deserved it."

"I thought she was an iceberg, but it turns out that she can be quite a slut if the money is right."

"I knew she was promiscuous."

Hearing the terrible discussion, Su Qianci's face became more and more stern. She hit the desk and warned, "Do you have proof for your accusations?"

"Proof? Just checked the forum."

A guy threw a phone at her with a photo on the screen. It was her getting inside Li Sicheng's car. Seeing the photo, Su Qianci calmed down and smiled sarcastically. "This is your proof?"

The guy saw her smile and was a bit mesmerized. Blushing slightly, he stuttered, "This Isn't this enough?"

"My getting inside my car became the proof of me being a prostitute?"

"Your car?" The guy was clearly stunned.

"How is that possible? Everyone knows that you are an orphan. This is Maybach, and this model is at least one million dollars. If you are that rich, why did you work part time when you were in high school?"

Clearly, Su Qianci's history was made public as well. Hearing that, Su Qianci smiled coldly. "I wonder if you have heard about the Liu Anan incident?" Then, Su Qianci took her textbook back into her backpack.

Seeing that Su Qianci was ready to leave, the professor bristled. "Where do you think you're going, Su Qianci?"

"Skip the class." Su Qianci said without turning her head. "I'd rather not spend my time with a classroom full of people like you guys." Out of the classroom, the calm face that Su Qianci had put on immediately collapsed. Who was this person trying to sabotage her? Su Qianci searched the Liu Anan incident on her phone and found the video and remarks about Mrs. Li had all disappeared. All that was left was about Liu Anan. That was why no one recognized her to be part of Liu Anan incident.

That was fine as well. There would probably be new rumors in a couple of days, and no one would pay any attention to her at that time. However, she had clearly underestimated the influence of the story. In less than two days, the rumor was spread across the Internet and became the headline of some local news.

Sitting in the backyard, Captain Li was playing a mobile game wearing his reading glasses. Suddenly, a message was pushed to his phone with the headline: "Campus Belle of Kingstown University Turned out to Be a Mistress. An Orphan Wearing Designer Brands in Maybach."

"Universities these days!" Captain Li thought. And then he immediately straightened his back as he was reminded of the fact that the campus belle of Kingstown University was Qianqian.

Reading the news and seeing the picture, he immediately bristled, "It really is her! These paparazzi are so irresponsible!" Then he shared the news story with "dear baby grandson" in his contacts.
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