The 99th Divorce Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Slutty Campus Belle
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As Li Sicheng finished a meeting, his cell phone rang. He clicked to see the message and saw it was from "dear baby grandpa." Seeing the name of the contact, Li Sicheng was mortified. His grandpa had definitely taken his phone when he was off guard and changed the contact name. Li Sicheng changed the name back to "grandpa" and then clicked to see the message.

Seeing the content of the new story, Li Sicheng's eyes gradually became cold. He immediately used the landline to call his special assistant Cheng You, who then immediately walked in. Li Sicheng handed the phone to Cheng You and said, "Take care of it."

Cheng You took the phone, saw the message, and sneered, "These people must be psychos." Cheng You walked away and came back in less than ten minutes. She frowned and said, "Mr. Li, there is some trouble."

Li Sicheng looked up from the pile of files that he was dealing with and gazed at Cheng You.

Cheng You looked a bit troubled and said, "There is something new on the Internet." Cheng You handed the phone to Li Sicheng, with a title reading "Slutty Campus Belle, Dating Multiple Guys at the Same Time."

The temperature around Li Sicheng seemed to be dropping.

Sensing crisis, Cheng You cringed.

Li Sicheng swiped to read the story and saw the photo of Su Qianci sitting opposite Lu Yihan. With the angle manipulated, they seemed to be kissing. How is this possible? He had already deleted this photo from Tang Mengqing's phone. Li Sicheng frowned and swiped again. Then he saw a photo of Su Qianci walking out of a red Renault, which was the car of Lu Yihan. Then, it was a photo of Su Qianci smiling, holding grandpa's arm. A photo of Su Qianci talking to Sheng Ximing; a photo of Su Qianci lying in sickbed laughing with Lu Yihan; a photo of Su Qianci chatting with Lu Yihan in a caf; Su Qianci drinking with Fu Lengbing at the high school reunion; a photo of Su Qianci having dinner with somebody

There was no text. However, with all the pictures combined and that title, no text was needed. Everything else could be left to the imagination. However, what troubled Li Sicheng even more was that in order to collect all these photos, someone must have been spying on Su Qianci all the time. Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes. Who was following her?

Standing up, Li Sicheng took his coat and walked outside. "Find out the source of these photos as soon as possible." The mastermind had clearly been preparing for a long time.

Cheng You immediately answered, "Yes sir!"

As the new story was published, some older posts in the campus forum became popular again. Everyone was gossiping about the campus belle, and Su Qianci became a celebrity in her University. Since she had a class in the afternoon, Su Qianci arrived at the classroom five minutes before the class started. Although she had attracted a lot of attention when she walked over, she had been accustomed to this kind of attention these days and did not even care.

However, before the class even started, the President of the University came to the classroom and called Su Qianci, "Step out for a second please."

Seeing this, someone exclaimed, "The slutty campus belle is about to be expelled!"

"With the news, it is impossible that they let her stay on campus."
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