The 99th Divorce Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Expelled
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing Su Qianci was called, the students started to gossip.

"Kingstown University could not stand negative news like this. Everyone is now accusing the university, so there is no way that they would keep her as a student."

Su Qianci heard the endless discussion, put down the book in her hand, and heard the president say, "Take your stuff with you and follow me to the office."

As he said that, the classroom went into a chaos. Feeling the unfriendly gaze, Su Qianci's heart sank. Following the president, Su Qianci felt like she was not going into the direction of his office, since she was led downstairs.

"President Wang, isn't your office upstairs?"

Without answering her question, President Wang took her to the football field instead. Su Qianci was immediately surrounded by countless people. All sorts of interview and photography devices were turned toward her. Su Qianci stopped walking, but those people did not want to let her go, rushing toward her.

"Ms. Su, here!"

"Don't go. Give us a minute."

Now listening to them, Su Qianci immediately wanted to turn around. With paparazzi like these, she could not reason with them. These people only wanted to explain things in their own ways. They would never listen to her explanation. She would rather not give them any chance. However, President Wang did not spend his effort taking Su Qianci to the press just to let her go.

Blocking her way, President Wang said with a grim face, "Ms. Su, no matter what, I have to answer for the reputation of the university. I cannot risk our reputation because of you."

Hearing that, Su Qianci was so mad that she chuckled. "Because of me? President Wang, did you even try to learn the truth? Did you even ask me what had happened? You are an educator yourself, and you do not even care about the truth."

President Wang was more upset, pushing Su Qianci to face the crowded paparazzi. The reporters became even more excited, trying to shove the microphone close to Su Qianci's mouth. Su Qianci covered her face, not letting them taking any picture of her. However, there always seemed to be a hand pushing her hand away.

"We are live, and I am the president of Kingstown University Kathy. I hereby announce that this student has a lifestyle that brought shame to our university and students. For this reason, she is expelled from Kingstown University, effective immediately."

President Wangs words made the reporters even more exhilarated.

"Ms. Su, is there anything you want to say?"

"Ms. Su, is it real that you have romantic relationship with Captain Li?"

"Ms. Su, how many men are you dating now?"

Su Qianci was almost blinded by the nonstop flash. Feeling dizzy, all she could hear was "Ms. Su."



Hearing the honk of a car, everyone looked back. Su Qianci felt the sound was a bit familiar. Without thinking further, when no one was paying attention, she took the opportunity to run away.

"She is getting away! Stop her," someone exclaimed. Immediately, all the attention was returned to Su Qianci.
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