The 99th Divorce Chapter 157

Chapter 157: In Plain Terms, This Is An Idiot
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Li Sicheng's tone was calm, as if he had said something trivial. However, as people heard him, they burst into an uproar.

"What the heck?"

"Oh my god! Ms. Su is Li Sicheng's wife?"

"The two of them are a couple?"

"For real?"

Hearing the questions asked in incredulous tones, Su Qianci felt shocked by this cold man in front of her. She had already decided to seal her feelings, but his words simply cut through her self-protection and exposed her heart, making it vulnerable again

"Mr. Li, is everything you said true?"

"Mr. Li, did you know that Ms. Su has a rather messy personal life?"

"With your wife having so many romantic affairs, do you want to say something as her husband?"

When the reporters came to, they blasted Li Sicheng with sharp questions. Li Sicheng's face became more and more stern. He looked around and the paparazzi quieted down. Everyone felt danger. No one could tell what Li Sicheng was thinking.

Su Qianci was pulled behind him, her heart thumping with nerve and anger. Su Qianci pulled Li Sicheng's shirt and whispered, "Let's go. These people are terrible. We never know what would come out of their mouths."

Li Sicheng's rough hands covered hers. Feeling the warmth, Su Qianci's heart skipped a beat. He was holding her hand? Not to mention in front of all these paparazzi. Someone was even broadcasting it live. Su Qianci felt shocked and terrified. In her last lifetime, Li Sicheng had hated it when Su Qianci claimed to be his wife in public. What was he trying to do now? Su Qianci wanted to take her hand back, but it was held tighter by Li Sicheng.

Without looking back, Li Sicheng pulled Su Qianci out from behind, and put an arm around her shoulders. The mind-blowing scene was captured by the cameras immediately. Li Sicheng looked calm, as if he did not notice the excitement in the paparazzi's eyes at all. He said in a cold tone, "Now I will try to talk some sense into you." Holding his phone and showing the photo of Su Qianci and Captain Li, Li Sicheng said, "This old man in the photo is my grandfather."

In front of the TV at the old house, Captain Li was pissed off. "You called me an old man, boy?"

Having no idea that his grandfather was displeased, Li Sicheng continued, "Su Zhengguo is Su Qianci's uncle."

Hearing that, the editor of the news story cleared his throat. Having dinner with a relative was completely normal.

"Her classmate, the young CEO of the Fu family's business. They were at a high school gathering."

Many people knew Fu Lengbing and lots of reporters had heard of that reunion. They all nodded.

"What about the last one?"

The last man that was the most featured! There was definitely something going on with him! Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes, pondered for a minute before he said, "This is her cousin. He has insufficient mental development since childhood. In plain terms, this is an idiot."
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