The 99th Divorce Chapter 16

"Grandpa My uncle asked me to bring this to you. We wish you longevity and good fortune."

Captain Li did not react much. He smiled kindly and said, "You prepared a gift for me as well? Ha ha, thank your uncle for me."

The elderly shall always be respected, so the order of presenting gifts should be from grandpa to her mother-in-law. Su Qianci saw his smile and had an unknowing look in her eyes. This pen did not come from her uncle, but herself.

Previously, when she was shopping with Tang Mengying, she really liked the look of the pen, so Tang Mengying urged her to buy it. She spent more than a hundred dollars on it, but never used it.

However, later on, Tang Mengying used it to criticize her extravagance, which turned many heads. Now, she was going to present this pen and lie in of Tang Mengying's face. Based on what she knew about Tang Mengying

"Ah" Tang Mengying looked surprised and said, "Isn't this the pen that I accompanied you to buy when I came back? How come it becomes your uncle's?"

Indeed, indeed. Someone like Tang Mengying would never let this go. However, this was exactly what Su Qianci wanted. Su Qianci pretended to blush and stutter.

Seeing that, Tang Mengying immediately "kindly" spoke, "Maybe I remembered it wrong. It should just be a similar looking package, and should not be the one you paid more than a hundred dollars for on a whim, right?"

"More than a hundred dollars"

"on a whim"?

Hearing the words, both Mrs. Li and Captain Li frowned a little.

Su Qianci immediately shook her head, "On a whim? No, I picked it out carefully" Immediately, she covered her mouth, looking regretted.

Tang Mengying heard that and blamed Su Qianci, "Qianci, why do you"

Although Tang Mengying stopped there, she left even more space for imagination.

Su Qianci had to admit that this trick worked. However, that was what Su Qianci was going for. Su Qianci looked nervous and whispered, "I"

Mr. Li looked at Su Qianci deeply, starting to unwrap the package. An all black pen, cold and heavy upon the touch. Diamonds were decorated on the body and tip of the pen, making it look effortlessly elegant.

Captain Li smiled happily and said, "Good eye. You picked this?"

Su Qianci nodded, blushing. She said, "This design looks simple, but has a lot of thought in it. It is so low-key that I think it suits grandpa very much, which is why I"

She was kissing ass without looking obvious, making Captain Li smile even more.

"You're just giving a gift. Why did you use your uncle's name? Lying in front of so many people, you bring disgrace to the Li household." Mrs. Tang looked at Su Qianci with contempt.

"Because I know that grandpa is frugal. If he knew that I spent so much money on the pen, he would be displeased. That is why I mentioned my uncle, who would not know anyway." Su Qianci put out her tongue and looked at Captain Li timidly, "Grandpa, you're not mad, are you?"

"Oh, Qianqian!" Captain Li said, "I have seen so many people who take other people's achievements as their own. And you would rather do the opposite"

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