The 99th Divorce Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Grandpa Does Not Look His Age
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"Yes, grandpa."

"Come here, I've done a lot of research recently. That's talk about our plan tomorrow."

Qin Shuhua felt a bit surprised, blinked, and asked, "Father, you're going to travel with them?"

Actually, Su Qianci felt a bit odd as well. After all, Captain Li was seventy years old already. Although he did not look his age, Su Qianci wondered if he was that energetic.

Captain Li stared at Qin Shuhua. "Am I not allowed to go?"

Qin Shuhua looked embarrassed. "I'm not"

Captain Li thought: What do you know? I'm not there to travel, but to do something else.

Thinking about the important thing that he was about to accomplish, Captain Li immediately became happy. With a smile, he led Su Qianci to the couch, ready to sit down. However, looking at Tang Mengying standing there, Captain Li said reluctantly, "Qianqian, let's go to the study instead."

"Okay!" Su Qianci couldn't wait to get away from Tang Mengying and followed him to the study.

Although Captain Li was an old man, it was easy to tell that he had extensive experience in traveling. Su Qianci had no objection to any plan he had made. When they went downstairs again, it was past 5 PM.

"Madam, dinner is ready. Do you want to call the young master? He's at the pool."

"He's back?"

"Yes. Could you also take some water to him? It is easy to get dehydrated after swimming."

"I got it." Su Qianci took a bottle of water and walked toward the pool.

The Tang family and the Li family had been friends and neighbors for many years. Although this pool belonged to the Li family, it was located between the Li family and the Tang family. About 1000 square feet, it was rare to have a pool this size in downtown Kingstown.

After swimming for a while, Li Sicheng got out of the water and wiped his face with a towel. All of a sudden, a shadow was cast upon him. Li Sicheng looked up and saw Tang Mengying smiling at him, gentle and sensual. Wearing a sexy black lace bikini set, Tang Mengying was showing off her deep cleavage. If some other man had seen it, he would definitely feel seduced. However, it was Li Sicheng. After the incident in Australia, Li Sicheng had completely changed his mind about Tang Mengying. His stern face became even colder. "What are you doing here?"

Tang Mengying's smile did not change as she said softly, "Brother Sicheng, I will join you." Then, she jumped into the water and swam up. "Brother Sicheng, I still haven't mastered the backstroke that you taught me last time. Could you show me again?"

"Last time, when was that?"

Tang Mengying's smile froze. It was four years ago, when they were still in college.

Li Sicheng obviously did not remember it. Swimming toward the ladder, he said coldly, "You can learn yourself. I don't have the time."

Tang Mengying quickly wrapped her arms around Li Sicheng from his back, pushing her large breasts against his back. "Brother Sicheng, could you forgive me? I was not myself last time. And I promise I will never do that again."

Li Sicheng pushed her away and gazed at her coldly.
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