The 99th Divorce Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Thinking of the Lost Baby
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Su Qianci went out of the room and was called to the dining room by grandpa. When Li Sicheng was there for dinner, it was ten minutes later. Unexpectedly, Li Sicheng's father was also around. So, the family was having a good time.

Captain Li was in a great mood. After chatting with Li Sicheng's father, he looked at Su Qianci and said kindly, "Qianqian, when do you plan to give me a great-grandchild?"

Su Qianci was just drinking some soup when she heard the question, so she almost choked on it. As she was thinking about what to say, Li Sicheng took the napkin and wiped the corner of his mouth before he said slowly, "Soon."

Captain Li was pleasantly surprised and asked excitedly, "Is Qianqian pregnant again?"

However, according to Nanny Rong, the couple had been sleeping in separate rooms Maybe behind Nanny Rong's back, they were actually sleeping together? He knew that his grandson could do it.

"Not yet," Li Sicheng put down the napkin and spoke in a calm tone, "but I will work on it."

"Ahem" Su Qianci choked again and coughed hard. Her eyes suddenly became watery.

"What's wrong?" Li Sicheng looked at Su Qianci and asked.

Qin Shuhua glanced at her son and said with a smile, "The girl is shy. Couldn't you tell?"

"We are family, there is no need to be shy." Li Sicheng's father was also in a great mood. "However, you can never rush something like this. We could definitely wait until your graduation."

"Why after graduation? You will be in the senior year soon. And you could definitely prepare for pregnancy next year," Qin Shuhua suggested.

Hearing those words, Li Sicheng slightly curled his lips. Taking a sip from his soup, his eyes looked darker. He would definitely work hard on this and make her pregnant before the divorce contract was up. At that time, she could not even get away from him even if she wanted to. He had time. At that time, even if she was still into Lu Yihan, he would not let her go.

"I'm full." Su Qianci stood up with her cheeks slightly blushed. Her eyes watery, she quickly stood up and said, "I'll go upstairs now. Enjoy!"

"You ate too little. How could you give me a great-grandson without enough food?" Grandpa was a bit displeased, but Su Qianci had already left without looking back.

Seeing Su Qianci had left the room, the servant came over and whispered, "I think she looks depressed. She must be thinking of her lost baby. Young master, you should check on her."

Li Sicheng frowned and put down his chopsticks, looking at his parents and grandpa. "I'll go."

"Go. We overlooked that" Qin Shuhua blamed herself.

Li Sicheng's father patted Qin Shuhua on the shoulder and said, "It's okay. She's tough."

Li Sicheng walked back to the bedroom and heard muffled sobbing at the door. He opened the door and the sobbing immediately stopped. Then, a figure quickly went into the restroom and shut the door. Was she reminded of the baby? Li Sicheng slowly walked into the room and closed the door. Then he knocked on the door of the restroom. "Are you there?"
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