The 99th Divorce Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Condoms, Extra-Large
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Su Qianci suddenly felt a bit sick. With the key in her hand, she walked upstairs to the third floor. Before she reached her room, she ran into a friend.

"Ms. Su?" The familiar voice asked.

Hearing the voice, Su Qianci paused and turned her head back. Indeed, it was Sheng Ximing. Su Qianci felt surprised. "Uncle Sheng Ximing, you also live in this hotel?"

What a coincidence!

Hearing her calling him uncle, Cheng You felt a bit surprised, but did not hate it. He nodded and said, "Yes, what a coincidence. Where is your room?"

"Mine is 388, how about yours?"

"268. Yifan is also here, in 266."

"Yifan? Song Yifan?"

Sheng Ximing nodded and said with a smile, "Just got here?"

Su Qianci nodded and asked, "Right, what is your phone number?"

"I have your number, so I'll call you."

"Okay, I'll go back to my room first."

"Let's eat together later?"


Sheng Ximing did not expect her to agree so fast. "Then see you in a while."

Su Qianci nodded and went upstairs.

Watching her going away, Sheng Ximing saw his friend walking over and said, "She indeed lives here. Are you ready?"


Su Qianci found her room and opened the door. As she entered the room, Su Qianci was stunned by what she saw. The suite looked like it was in a palace. Pulling the heavy cobalt curtain open, Su Qianci looked out of the huge French windows. It was all blue. Seagulls flying up and down. The sun was scorching. Underneath, people were having fun at the white beach.

Su Qianci then looked inside the room. A king-sized bed was placed in the middle. On top of the white sheet, a thick layer of red rose petals was laid under the pink petals that formed the shape of a heart. Such a waste! Su Qianci wondered how many roses it took. Su Qianci walked to pick up the telephone and called the service to send her luggage up.

Both the servant at the old house and Nanny Rong had helped her pack, so Su Qianci was sure she was well prepared. Opening the suitcase, Su Qianci started to put the clothes into the closet, not only hers, but also Li Sicheng's. When she was about to finish, Su Qianci spread a shirt and suddenly something fell.

Su Qianci took a look and saw two boxes with a famous brand of condoms printed on it. Underneath, it was marked: extra-large Then, Su Qianci found there were more brands of condoms. The sizes varied from large to extra-large Su Qianci now had some newly-acquired knowledge about Li Sicheng's size. Feeling shy, she quickly tossed the boxes away.


With the sound, Su Qianci felt mortified, looking toward the door incredulously.

When Li Sicheng opened the door, he saw something flying at him.

Su Qianci dashed to the door and picked the box up, hiding it behind her.

Seeing how uneasy she was feeling, Li Sicheng blinked and asked, "What are you hiding from me?"

Hearing the question, Su Qianci's face immediately burned red. Even her ears became pink.
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