The 99th Divorce Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Grocery
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Su Qianci's heart raced. Seeing his puzzled look, she shook her head again and again.

Li Sicheng's eyes became darker, but he went inside anyway.

Su Qianci saw him going inside and felt relieved. However, she immediately realized that there were more in the room.

Li Sicheng entered the room and saw a whole layer of condoms on the bottom of the suitcase. His eyes suddenly lit up.

Then, he glanced at Su Qianci and sneered, "So, grocery."

Su Qianci's face was burning, throwing the small box in her hand into the suitcase and stuttering, "I did not know if they were put here by Nanny Rong It's not me"

Li Sicheng did not speak, but gazed at the huge bed full of rose petals. Looking to the other side, he quickly lifted the comforter up. The red and pink petals immediately flew in the air and then gradually fell. From Li Sicheng's angle, the girl in white was standing in the rain of petals, which was photo perfect.

Su Qianci looked surprised by this sudden glimpse of romance. Very soon, the petals fell on the floor and the room was full of fragrance. Seeing the gaze in Su Qianci's eyes, Li Sicheng looked satisfied. However, as Su Qianci gazed at him inquisitively, Li Sicheng quickly looked away and said, "Get some rest if you're tired, and we could go out later."

Then, he took out an outfit and walked into the shower. Su Qianci was dazed. Was he making the bed for her? Soon, she shook her head and smiled sarcastically. He was probably just sick of seeing that heart shape formed by rose petals. Taking a deep breath, Su Qianci took her pajamas out, changed into it, and lay in the bed.

When Li Sicheng came out from shower, Su Qianci had already fallen asleep. Taking a towel to dry his hair, Li Sicheng caught a glimpse of Su Qianci's cell phone on the nightstand, which was ringing.

It was from an unknown number belonging to Kingstown. Li Sicheng felt the number was a bit familiar and answered the call.

"Hi, Ms. Su. Come down to eat with us. I'm sitting next to the window in the lobby. A great view of the ocean from here."

Li Sicheng paused for a while and asked, "You're also in Maldives?"

In addition, judging from his tone, he knew that Su Qianci was in the same hotel. Did they agree to meet here? No way. Su Qianci did not even love someone like himself, so she shouldn't be interested in this guy. Did he follow her? Li Sicheng's eyes became cold. A guy his age was old enough to be his father. Was he sure that he could get her?

Unexpectedly, Sheng Ximing heard a male voice and thought he had the wrong number. After checking it and making sure it was Su Qianci's number, he asked, "Are you Ms. Su's husband? Where is she?"

Li Sicheng glanced at Su Qianci who was sound asleep and answered coldly, "In my bed. You need something?"
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