The 99th Divorce Chapter 172

Chapter 172: I Am Your Husband
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Su Qianci looked at the tough lines of his profile, not understanding what he meant.

Li Sicheng gazed at her. With dim light, Su Qianci saw his eyes shining. "You are not like this around Lu Yihan." The wind from the ocean blew through Li Sicheng's hair. He narrowed his eyes and gazed at her deeply.

Su Qianci knew he was telling the truth and suddenly felt her heart thumping. Almost immediately, she blurted out, "He's different. He's a good friend of mine."

"How about me?" Li Sicheng gazed at her. "What am I?"

What is he?

Su Qianci suddenly did not know how to define the man in front of her. Husband? But she knew for a fact that it was impossible between the two of them. She liked him, and she loved him. However, there was Tang Mengying between the two of them. Darling? She was afraid that she would only humiliate herself by saying that Su Qianci looked down and became silent.

Li Sicheng's eyes turned cold, as he felt suffocated, looking at her obvious hesitance.

All he wanted was a relationship with her. Was that so hard?

Su Qianci's phone suddenly rang. It was piano, her music, Elegy. Li Sicheng looked down and saw a name popping on her screen-- Yihan. There was no last name, just Yihan. However, if he remembered correctly, Su Qianci did not even mark his name on her phone. His was simply Mr. Li. That difference made Li Sicheng's heart sink.

Without noticing the slight change in Li Sicheng's look, Su Qianci answered the call, "Hello"

"Great news. A huge investor is interested in our company, Qianle. Have you heard of Wanhui Technology? They are ready to invest in us."

Hearing that, Su Qianci was first dazed, and then overjoyed. "Really? Then Ouch!

Before Su Qianci finished her sentence, she was pinned down into the sand. Looking at Li Sicheng who had just pinned her down, Su Qianci suddenly felt terrified. Her hands were bound behind her, while one of them was holding the cell phone.

"What's wrong, Qianqian? Hello?"

Lu Yihan's voice sounded through the phone. Su Qianci wanted to answer, but she suddenly saw Li Sicheng's extremely displeased expression. With her heart thumping, Su Qianci stuttered, "Mr. Li, what's wrong?

Flames were burning in Li Sicheng's cold eyes, ready to swallow her.

What does this man want?

Her hands were hurting a bit. Su Qianci tried to wiggle, but he gripped them tighter.

"I am your husband!" At least for now.

Her phone was taken out of her hand. After hanging up, Li Sicheng tossed the phone to the side.

Su Qianci frowned and let out a yelp. "What are you"

Something soft hit her lips. Su Qianci glared at the man on top of her incredulously.

What is he trying to do

Then, Su Qianci suddenly had an answer and started to struggle. However, Li Sicheng put his weight on her and trapped her under himself.
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