The 99th Divorce Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Only Horny for You
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Her legs were clamped by his. Through layers of clothing, Su Qianci could still feel the silhouette of his masculine body. Feeling his hot breath on her face, Su Qianci could not move at all, with her hands held down and lips covered. Li Sicheng slowly sneaked his tongue into her teeth, kissing her roughly, with a sense of punishment. His kiss was so aggressive that Su Qianci's breath became hasty and her struggle became weak. She felt she could no longer see anything.

It was as if he was the only thing in her world.

After what seemed to be a century, Su Qianci felt a bit dizzy. When let go, the fresh air suddenly made her awake. Panting, Su Qianci had never tried being suffocated like this. Her heart beat was so fast that she felt like she was about to go mad.

Li Sicheng panted a little as well, holding her hands tight and looking down at her. Gorgeous features and smooth skin, colored pink by him. Her eyes were watery and without focus. How charming!

Locking her down, Li Sicheng said in a low voice, "If other men were to do the same to you, will you let him?"

Su Qianci felt humiliated and wanted to lift her hand. However, it was held down by him and could not move. Staring into his eyes full of lust, she sneered, "How about you? With any girl in front of you, you could get horny, right?"

Li Sicheng's eyes narrowed as he approached her and whispered, "Unfortunately, I have only got horny because of you.

"How about Tang Mengying?" Su Qianci blurted out. However, hearing her own voice, Su Qianci wanted to bite her tongue. This sounded too much like a jealous wife. She did not mean to say that

Although she did find Tang Mengying disgusting, she was not being jealous, not at all. Seeing her clear regret, Li Sicheng had a fleeting smile on his face. Su Qianci almost thought she was mistaken.

"If I had any feelings for her, you would not have become my wife."


"If I did not want to do it, who could force me to?"

Su Qianci's heart skipped a beat. He was explaining to her? However, that phone call

Biting her lip, Su Qianci stared at her and asked, "I saw you kissing her, in the pool at the old house."

The pool?

His eyes became dark. "You saw it?"

"Yeah, so you don't have to lie to me, I"

"Why would I lie to you?" Li Sicheng interrupted her. "She did kiss me that time, but then I pushed her away."

"I do not like her. Never did, never will."

His resolute words rendered Su Qianci speechless.

Her first instinct was that he was lying to her.

However, why would Li Sicheng do that?

He was such a proud person that he would not even deign to lie to her. Right?

Her heart became a mess

Chapter 175 Do You Feel Your Success

"No way"

"Why would you think that?" Li Sicheng approached her. Their lips were less than 1 inch apart. "You think I have feelings for every woman?"

Su Qianci stared at him. Li Sicheng looked extremely serious and dangerous.

"Many women have tried to seduce me, but you are the only one who has succeeded."

Seduce him? Her? But she had never seduced him! Su Qianci felt wronged. However, before she could react, Li Sicheng had grabbed her hand and forced her to move her hand down. As she felt nervous and puzzled, she suddenly touched something hot.

Su Qianci was startled and immediately took her hand back. However, Li Sicheng would not let her do that. Instead, he pulled her hand even further down, forcing her to touch his erection.

Ahhhhhh Su Qianci was mortified, closing her eyes and pretending that she did not know. He took her hand to

Wanting to take her hand back, Su Qianci felt Li Sicheng's grip tighten.

"Did you feel your success?"

Your success--Many women had tried to seduce me, but you are the only one who succeeded.

How did she not know that she had seduced him? Su Qianci opened her watery eyes, which made Li Sicheng almost lose control. He looked down and sucked her swollen lips, tempting her with the tip of his tongue. Su Qianci felt shocked by electricity. Her entire body went limp. She could not resist anything from him.

Was he telling her that he loved her? Thinking of that possibility, Su Qianci felt she was about to go mad. However, the voice in her mind quickly shouted: it's not real, not real She had decided not to fall for him and to give him and Tang Mengying a happy ending. However, every time when she was about to give up, he had to be so nice to her Today, he even said that to her

It was making it harder and harder for her to resist. It was as if the dreams she had had for years suddenly came true. Li Sicheng's face was so real, and his kiss so passionate. She did not want to turn any of this down. She did not want to wake up. Just assume that whatever he said was true, could she? Su Qianci felt bitter and tears silently fell down her cheeks.

Li Sicheng paused but then moved even faster when seeing Su Qianci's tears. His hand slid down and covered her ample breasts. Slightly squeezing it, he heard a soft, erotic moan from her. Lust made his body burn. However, they were still in public.

People started to glance at them. Although it was Maldives, the place where everyone enjoyed romance, they were still an eye-catching couple. Li Sicheng did not want their first romantic coupling to be casual, so he calmed himself down and walked back to the hotel carrying Su Qianci in his arms.

Chapter 176 - Fierce Mr. Li

Once inside the room, Li Sicheng could no longer contain himself. Slamming the door shut, he could not wait to pin Su Qianci against the door and kissed her hard. Unzipping her dress single-handedly, he pulled the garment down, revealing her gorgeous shoulder. Under the dim lighting, the sight was quite stimulating to Li Sicheng who had already lost his mind. Holding her waist, Li Sicheng lifted Su Qianci up and fell into the bed.

The soft bed swayed a little. Li Sicheng bowed his head and slowly kissed Su Qianci's elegant neck, not missing any inch. Feeling his breath on her neck, Su Qianci raised her head and put her arm around his body. A tingling feeling was sent from her neck to her entire body. Su Qianci almost whimpered. Su Qianci thought that Li Sicheng would always be calm and wise. It had never occurred to her that there could be moments that he completely lost himself.

Her collarbone bitten, Su Qianci couldn't help clenching. However, his legs were between hers, so all she could do was to wrap her legs around his waist. Even through what he was wearing, she could feel the scorching temperature of his body.

Noticing their position, Su Qianci panted under him and whispered, "SSlow down" Hearing her, Li Sicheng immediately blocked her lips again, forbidding her to speak.

When Su Qianci was almost out of breath, Li Sicheng let her go and responded in a deep voice, "I can't. I have to have you."

Pushing her dress further down, Li Sicheng saw a white bralette against her fair skin. The softness almost drove Li Sicheng crazy.

Bang bang bang!

A loud knock on the door made Li Sicheng suddenly paused.

Bang bang bang!

The noise continued, and Su Qianci immediately pushed Li Sicheng away, covering herself with a comforter. The sudden pause made Li Sicheng's horny body burn even hotter. He groaned, "who is it?"

Bang bang bang!

With her cheeks pink, Su Qianci saw Li Sicheng's unkind look and carefully said, "Go open the door. Maybe grandpa's looking for us?"

Li Sicheng's clothes were messy. So was his hair. Hearing Su Qianci say that, he went out of bed with a displaced face, and opened the door.

The hotel attendant did not expect to see such an intimidating face and stuttered, "Mr. Li? Are you the grandson of the guest in room 389? He suddenly passed out"

Before the attendant finished his sentence, Li Sicheng had already opened the door and rushed toward room 389. When they arrived at the hospital, it was past 10 o'clock.

Su Qianci had always known that Captain Li had high blood pressure. However, was the first time that he had passed out in her two lifetimes combined. After waiting for more than half an hour, grandpa woke up. Li Sicheng let out a sigh of relief, poured him a glass of water, and fed it to him. Looking at his grandson, Captain Li looked a bit guilty.

Li Sicheng's face was grim as he told Su Qianci, "Give us a minute."
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