The 99th Divorce Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Awkward
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Song Yifan was not surprised at all that Li Sicheng knew about his schedule. With Li Sicheng's influence, he could easily achieve that. Song Yifan said, "I'm feeling a bit down recently, so a vacation is called for."

"Is that right" Li Sicheng looked at him with a half smile, through which Song Yifan could clearly see sarcasm.


Sheng Ximing quickly said, "We are going to sail over to the island. Do you want to join us?"

"The island?"

"Yes, there are only two other friends with us. If we could find more company, it should be more fun," suggested Song Yifan.

"Yes, we are going fishing and making some barbecue. Everything is ready. Join us?" Sheng Ximing looked at Captain Li and asked, "What do you think, Captain Li?"

Captain Li looked up and said leisurely, "I won't slow you young people down. Have fun!"

Su Qianci was well disposed toward Sheng Ximing, since he had helped her a lot her previous lifetime. However, in this lifetime, the events had changed significantly. If she did not find him on purpose, their first meeting should be more than a year from now. No matter how things had changed, Sheng Ximing had still treated her nicely. The warm invitation from Sheng Ximing had stopped Su Qianci from turning him down. She looked at Li Sicheng and asked, "Shall we?"

Li Sicheng glanced at her and then Song Yifan.

Song Yifan smiled friendly at him and asked again, "Let's go?"

"As long as you wish to go." Hearing Li Sicheng's answer, Su Qianci smiled.

Sheng Ximing was overjoyed and quickly got everyone on board. The sailboat was quite fast, and it took about twenty minutes to reach the island. It was a clean and small island, without any residents on it. There were several grills set up on the island. Sheng Ximing and Song Yifan had two other friends coming with. They quickly took everything down from the boat and set it up.

Feeling excited, Su Qianci went to help. One of the two friends quickly started to talk to Su Qianci, "Hey, what's your name? I am Aduo, Mr. Sheng Ximing's assistant. This is Ali, my boyfriend."

"My name is Su Qianci."

"Are you friends with Mr. Sheng? I have never seen him spending so much time on helping a girl looking for her mother."

Su Qianci paused and gazed at Aduo, "You said that Uncle Sheng has been looking for my mother?"

Aduo did not feel anything was odd. Making a skewer, she said, "Yes, but it was so difficult. All he found was that back in time your mother"

"Aduo?" Sheng Ximing called, "Could you get me some drinks?"

"Coming!" Aduo immediately went to the boat, carrying a dozen beers and juices.

However, Sheng Ximing walked up and whispered to her, "Don't tell her that I am looking into her background. It is a secret. Also, don't let her know what we are here for."

Aduo heard him and scratched her head, looking regretful. "That would be awkward"
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