The 99th Divorce Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Unable to Run Away
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Feeling mortified, Su Qianci unknowingly clenched her legs and looked up at Sheng Ximing. Sheng Ximing did not hear what they were saying, but judging from Su Qianci's burning face, he was able to tell that it was best that he had heard nothing. Noticing Su Qianci's nervous look, Sheng Ximing looked down, pretending not having noticed anything.

"Why is your face red?" Li Sicheng looked like he did not know what he had said, reaching out a hand and touched Su Qianci's face. "So hot, are you not feeling well?"

"You Go away!" Su Qianci gave him a stare and blushed even more.

Li Sicheng had a subtle smile on his face, released her, cleaned his hands, and started to help her with the barbecue.

Su Qianci was quite surprised. She never realized that the young master knew how to make barbecue. Observing for a while, she found that he made much better skewers than she did.

Song Yifan walked over and said, "I heard that the Li financial group is looking for a band for a recent event. I'm not sure whether you have found someone?"

"Event?" Su Qianci looked at Li Sicheng. "Are we having an event?"

How come she had no idea of it?

Any event held by the Li financial group would be of a significant size. Each one would mark the launch of a new project or a huge announcement. Normally, a lot of funding and labor would be invested into it. However, in her previous lifetime, there did not seem to be something like that happening around this point of time. Maybe she had forgotten it?

"Not for the company." Li Sicheng did not even look up. "It's for you."

"For me?" Su Qianci was flattered. "Why?"

"A party and press conference for you to meet the public." Li Sicheng paused what he was doing and looked at her. "My woman needs to meet the public sooner or later."

My woman The two simple words made Su Qianci's heart race. Gazing at Li Sicheng's handsome face, no matter how cold he looked, Su Qianci felt the tingle of desire. Had she been recognized by him? Not just because grandpa liked her, or she liked him, she was actually recognized as his woman?

Also, he spent all the effort to throw her a party and press conference She had never had this kind of treatment in her previous lifetime. Feeling nervous, Su Qianci blushed and asked, "Did grandpa ask you to do this?"

Li Sicheng nodded and saw her disappointment. "He told me to hold a press conference."

So, the party was Li Sicheng's idea.

However, Su Qianci did not get it and answered in a low voice, "Got it."

Li Sicheng gazed at her deeply, did not explain, and said to Song Yifan, "Not yet. If your team is interested, we could talk about it."

"Great. When is it?"

"The fifteenth."

Su Qianci became nervous, "So soon?"

"The sooner the better." He could not wait. He could not wait to tell the world that she was his wife. That time, no matter how reluctant she was, she would have to be tagged as "Li Sicheng's wife." She would not be able to run away from him.
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