The 99th Divorce Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Arent You Husband And Wife
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"All right, I'll tend to the barbecue. Didn't you say that you're going fishing? Everything's ready. Go!" Aduo took over all the work and handed a few fishing poles to them. However, she was still avoiding eye contact with Sheng Ximing, afraid that he was going to blame her. Luckily, Sheng Ximing did not speak after taking the fishing pole. Carrying a bucket, he called Su Qianci to go on board.

Feeling excited, Su Qianci put everything down and followed Sheng Ximing. When she was about to go on board, a hand pulled her back. Li Sicheng looked a bit cold. Seeing her puzzled look, he said, "Slow down." Then, he went on the boat first and then reached out a hand to her.

Su Qianci spat out her tongue and slowed down, holding Li Sicheng's hand.

Song Yifan saw that and looked pleased. He quickly went on board as well. The small sailboat stopped in the middle of the sea.

Su Qianci had always known that Sheng Ximing was a good fisherman. While Sheng Ximing had got two fish in ten minutes, Li Sicheng had got None!

Holding the fishing pole, Su Qianci was sitting quietly, glancing secretly at Li Sicheng and then Song Yifan. Although neither of them had got a single fish, Li Sicheng was clearly more sedate. Noticing her glance, Li Sicheng looked at her calmly.

Su Qianci curled her lips at him and looked away, staring at the ocean. Su Qianci did not see that a subtle smile had appeared in Li Sicheng's eyes. Ten more minutes later, Su Qianci felt a bit impatient. As she was about to leave, her fishing pole suddenly moved. Staring her eyes wide, Su Qianci was excited. "I got it! Mr. Li, look!"

Seeing her excited like a child, Li Sicheng smiled subtly and held her pole. "Don't let the fish get away."

"Right!" Su Qianci quickly started to reel in. The fish struggled and splashed water on them.

"Mr. Li?" Song Yifan looked at them and his normally gentle eyes became sharp. "Aren't you husband and wife?"

Hearing that, Su Qianci's heart stopped as her smile froze. Husband and wife Was that what they were? Although they had been on better terms, this definition was still so remote in Su Qianci's eyes. Husband and wife. It felt like she had stolen this happy moment. She was not confident being Li Sicheng's wife. However, he just recognized her, didn't he? He seemed to like her. Wasn't that right?

Su Qianci glanced at Li Sicheng. Li Sicheng saw Su Qianci's awkward look and his eyes became dark.

However, he did not say anything, simply put the fish into the bucket, and said calmly, "It doesn't matter what she calls me. However, in the future, we should consider changing it. Otherwise, the outsiders might get the wrong idea."

"Right, it doesn't matter," Su Qianci said and nodded.

"Right" Song Yifan looked at Su Qianci's face and felt lost for a moment. After a few seconds, he said, "I have to say that Ms. Su, you really look like a friend of mine."

Li Sicheng heard that and gazed at Song Yifan sharply.
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