The 99th Divorce Chapter 18

When she had just reached for the car door, the man next to her spoke again, "I'll give you twenty minutes to change."

Su Qianci was stunned, looking down at what she was wearing. She was wearing her favorite outfit. Although it was not a name brand and did not have the best quality, it really suited her. When she was moving, she did not want to throw it away and brought it to the Li family. She did not realize that he had even noticed such a detail.

"Here." Li Sicheng looked calm and sounded cold, but he was handing her a black card.

Su Qianci was dazed at the black card in his hand. He was giving her money? Su Qianci's heart raced a little, looking at him incredulously. There was no difference on his face, as if the black card with a five-million-dollar credit line was nothing.

However, Su Qianci felt a shock in her heart. What surprised her was not how generous he was, but the fact that it was the first time that he gave her something in her two lifetimes.

Seeing that she was dazed, Li Sicheng frowned, displeased. "I don't want the Su family to think that the Li family could not even afford to buy you an outfit."

Hearing his words, which were somewhat like an explanation, Su Qianci looked outside the car and saw she was in front of a shopping mall, which made her feel relieved.

Of course, it was not because of her.

"Thank you." Su Qianci did not hesitate to take the card and get out of the car.

Watching her going into the shopping mall, Li Sicheng seemed to have some thoughts in his mind. It seemed that she was truly different. Her attitude did not seem to be fake. So Maybe the Su Qianci before was the fake one.

Which Su Qianci was the real Su Qianci?

Walking into her favorite luxury store, Su Qianci felt like all the shop assistants were looking at her once she entered the store. Seeing Su Qianci's outfit, the shop assistants' smiles very soon disappeared. They curled their lips downward disdainfully and looked at her with contempt. It was as if a homeless person had entered a five-star hotel.

Su Qianci felt a bit amused. Fortunately, Li Sicheng reminded her to get changed. Otherwise, if she wore what she was wearing to the Su family, her aunt and cousins would laugh at her.

However, there was no need to pay attention to the attitude of these shop assistants. The world was like this as always: a prostitute has more dignity than a poor person.

She wandered around and was attracted by a gorgeous dress displayed in the middle of the store. As she was about to reach for the dress, she heard a high-pitched female voice say, "Hey, don't touch that. The dress is very expensive!"

Su Qianci turned her head and saw a female shop assistant. She walked to Su Qianci, displeased. "Do you know how much this piece costs? What if you damage it by touching it?"

Her words were full of contempt. Su Qianci asked, "So a fitting room is not an option here?"

"Whoever could afford it can try it on." The shop assistant was disgusted by the cheap outfit Su Qianci was wearing and said coldly, "I'm sorry, Miss. I think you should leave. I will not walk you out."

Su Qianci looked to the other shop assistants and felt it was unreasonable. She then asked, "This is how this shopping mall treats its customers?"

Hearing Su Qianci's words, the shop assistant was very amused, as if she had heard some kind of joke. "Whoever could afford our pieces are, of course, our customers."

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