The 99th Divorce Chapter 191

Getting out of the shuttle, Su Qianci couldn't help having peachy thoughts. Remaining silent, she let Li Sicheng take her hand. Seeing her pink cheeks, Li Sicheng had some softness in his forever cold eyes.

"Mr. Li," said a familiar female voice. Su Qianci looked that way and saw Cheng You. Seeing Su Qianci's surprised look, Cheng You smiled. "It's been a while, Mrs. Li."

Su Qianci smiled back at her and then looked at Li Sicheng.

"Hi, Cheng You. Are you done?"

"Yes, I had found out about it. It is not too different from your guess. However" Cheng You paused and gazed at Su Qianci, looking hesitant.

Su Qianci noticed and said, "I'll go back and change."

"All right." Li Sicheng messed Su Qianci's hair up and said, "Be careful."

Su Qianci nodded, feeling slightly disappointed. Although she had offered, the way that Li Sicheng simply agreed made her slightly upset. Somehow, she felt like they were going to talk about some big secrets behind her back.

"Let's go to that caf, Mr. Li."


After Su Qianci got back to the room, she did not rush to change, but took her phone and started to check out her social media feeds. After a while, she felt a bit bored. Suddenly, Su Qianci had an idea and typed "Li Sicheng" in the search engine. The first feed was "Li Sicheng will host a private party, inviting all the moguls, and it's all for her."

Su Qianci checked the time of the post, and it was three days ago. And she only found out yesterday. Was he trying to give her a surprise? Su Qianci felt blissful, rolling around on the bed holding her phone. Thinking of the way Li Sicheng had kissed her on this very bed, she blushed. Also, yesterday afternoon, she helped him

Su Qianci did not get that evil image out of her head. Rubbing her hand, Su Qianci buried her face into a pillow, trying to forget about what she had seen. She was abuzz, and then Su Qianci received a message from Yu Lili. It was a photo of her and Lu Yihan eating together. Yu Lili was smiling happily, while Lu Yihan looked a bit helpless. What was she trying to prove? Was Yu Lili trying to intimidate Su Qianci? How about Ou Ming? Looking at the photo, Su Qianci felt a bit ominous. It would not end up well for Yu Lili.

Someone knocked on the door and Su Qianci went to answer. However, the person in front of the door was not Li Sicheng, but a short haired woman with a huge box in her arms. Dressing fashionably, she looked a bit like Cheng You.

However, instead of feeling disappointed, Su Qianci was shocked. "You are Sunny?"

"That's right." Sunny was surprised that Mrs. Li knew her, since Li Sicheng was her boss. If Su Qianci had remembered correctly, this girl would become a top makeup artist in three or four years. Sunny entered the room with a smile and said, "Mr. Li asked me to do a makeover for you. Let's start, Mrs. Li."

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