The 99th Divorce Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Shhh Dont Move
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When Su Qianci was taken to the destination, it was 6 PM. As she stepped out of the car, she received a lot of intense gazes. It was the first time for Su Qianci to attract such attention on the street. Although she was in a good mood, she felt a bit embarrassed. However, no matter how nervous she was, she had to be poised. With a smile, Su Qianci looked chic but not distant.

Feeling jealous, Sunny quickly walked Su Qianci into a restaurant on the bottom of the ocean. It was the first time that Su Qianci had come to a restaurant like this. Walking down the stairs, they entered an underwater tunnel. Surrounded by deep blue, Su Qianci felt enchanted. All around her, there were fish swimming and making bubbles, kissing the thick glass walls. Romantic music sounded. It was one of the most famous tunes that Song Yifan had created. Entering the restaurant, Su Qianci first saw a huge space with only one table in the middle. The ocean waves cast light on Su Qianci's skin, making her look even more gorgeous. On the dining table, a pink candle was burning. Except for the sunlight cast through the water, there was no other lighting. The piano sounded divine, as if Song Yifan was playing it himself.

Sunny gave her a light push and said, "Mrs. Li, please sit down here. He will be here in a second."

Su Qianci nodded, but then found Sunny had disappeared. Looking around, Su Qianci noticed that the light had become dimmer. She stood up uneasily, but was taken into strong arms. Startled, Su Qianci wanted to struggle.

However, the arms secured her into place as a familiar deep voice said, "Shhhh Don't move."

Su Qianci immediately became calm and let out a sigh of relief. "You scared me."

Li Sicheng seemed to let out a chuckle behind her. Then, he took her hand and put something cold on her wrist.

Su Qianci wanted to look down, but he held her chin to stop her. "Don't move."

Then, it was her earlobes. He was unskilled, but his moves were gentle. Was he putting earrings on her? Su Qianci felt incredulous. Then, his neck felt a cold touch. It was something heavy. The piano continued. However, before the most known part of the tune started, it became "Happy Birthday."

The light was gradually turned on, and the music became more and more cheerful. Then, trumpets and violin and harmonica joined the piano. As they became brighter, Su Qianci looked afar and saw in the corner of the room, a middle-aged gentleman was sitting behind a piano.

Letting go of her, Li Sicheng walked opposite Su Qianci. Seeing her front, he looked wowed, but then he quickly pursed his lips and whispered, "Happy birthday, sweetheart."
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