The 99th Divorce Chapter 201

Chapter 201: What Are You Without Mr. Li
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Hearing the girls, Su Qianci looked at the dress she was wearing and said, "My husband bought it. I have no idea what brand it is." When she came back home from vacation, she found her closet stocked with new clothes, all quite exquisite. However, there was no way to tell what brand they were. She was told they were the latest designs of an Italian designer for his next two seasons. Li Sicheng bought them all.

Jealousy showed up on the girls' face.

"Your husband is so good to you."

"I had no idea that Mr. Li could be so romantic, given how cold he looks. Before he got married, many people said he might be gay. Now it's clear the rumors are nonsense."

"That's right. And he is throwing a huge party for you. I'm sure it has cost a lot."

Su Qianci sneered inwardly, amazed at how long it took them to get to the point. Although Li Sicheng was throwing a party just for her to meet the public, the party was so important that everyone wanted to be invited.

Seeing Su Qianci was silent, some hasty girls said again, "Su Qianci, I heard that a lot of gorgeous people are going to be invited to your party. I also want to be a part of it, can I?"

"And me. I heard many business moguls would be invited. We are classmates, so you will not turn me down, right?"


In the classroom, Su Qianci was circled by dozens of girls in the middle. Su Qianci had remained silent until the bell rang. She then said, "The professor's here."

All the girls looked embarrassed. Such obvious rejection made them feel awkward. Since the professor was really there, they had to go back to their seats. After they sat down, they all grumbled, "What is she without Mr. Li? Showing off like this!"

Su Qianci heard that and scoffed inwardly. These were the same people who played a part in spreading the rumors about her being a mistress. Now that Su Qianci was someone important, they wanted to use her Su Qianci pretended not to have heard anything and focused on the class. When the class was over, Su Qianci maintained a cold face, which warded off those who wanted to rush over.

Su Qianci did not ask Yang to pick her up today, so she walked out of the campus slowly. Seeing a taxi just having its vacant sign lighting up, Su Qianci smiled and thought, "Great luck."

Waiting for the passenger to get out, Su Qianci stood still. However, a middle-aged woman dressed in expensive clothes rushed out of the car and grabbed Su Qianci's hair. The attack came so sudden that Su Qianci was caught off guard. She tried to dodge, but her hair was already in the woman's hand.

"Dammit, you f**king whore, sleeping with my husband!" The woman was very loud, attracting a lot of attention at the crowded campus gate.
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