The 99th Divorce Chapter 203

Chapter 203: F**k off
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Sicheng was sitting in the backseat leisurely. Just after he said something into the phone, he heard a loud snarl. Hearing a slap, Li Sicheng immediately became alert and commanded, "drive faster!" The sudden change in his tone alarmed Yang, and the car dashed off.

Getting another slap, Su Qianci's face turned to the side.

"Pretty indeed. It must have some other tricks up your sleeves to wrap my man around your finger." The rich lady kicked Su Qianci several times.

Gritting her teeth, Su Qianci remained silent. She looked up at the rich lady's face under heavy makeup coldly. Then, her eyes moved to the other women grabbing her hands and legs. She would remember all of them.

"What are looking at? Shameless bitch!"

"I don't know you. And I do not know your husband." Su Qianci's voice was a bit husky, but incredibly calm. "You will pay for what you did."

Her calmness frightened the rich lady, but she then threw a bunch of photos at Su Qianci. In the photos, a middle-aged man was holding pretty woman's hand, groping her breasts with an obscene smile. And the woman in the photo was Su Qianci!

"It's not me."

"Not you? Look again!" Seizing Su Qianci's hair, the rich lady said.

"What happened? What are you doing here?" The guard on campus eventually came, shouting.

However, the rich lady did not pay any attention to him, took a stack of money and threw it at the guards. "F**k off. I'm in the middle of something."

The guard was dazed and quickly became mad, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Not enough?" Another woman also thew some money at the guard. "I'll tell you. This is Fu Zetian's wife. She could destroy you with her little finger."

The guard changed his expression. Fu Zetian? The real estate mogul who could affect the city with each move? He used to be the richest man in Kingstown, and was only replaced by a young man recently. The wife of such a man was abusing a student of the university? Should he step up? The guard hesitated, and the rich lady sneered, hitting Su Qianci again.

"Use your voice. Didn't you know how to use your voice in my husband's bed? Show me! Let me learn a thing or two from you." The rich lady's voice became more and more gloomy, insulting Su Qianci with her words and moves.

Su Qianci bit her lip which was already bleeding. Looking at the rich woman, she sneered, "Look at yourself. You are a pig. I'm not surprised your husband does not want you."

The rich lady bristled and growled, "Damn you, bitch!"

She raised her arm high and tried to hit Su Qianci's swollen face. However, when her hand was about to land on Su Qianci, her elbow was squeezed hard. The pain that felt like her bones were broken made her scream. Thrown out, the rich woman fell to the ground.
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