The 99th Divorce Chapter 205

Chapter 205: It was indeed them
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Li Sicheng did not answer and told Su Qianci, "Keep them alive, everything else is on me."

The rich woman was shocked. She knew that Li Sicheng was capable of that. The younger generation looked up to Li Sicheng, while the older generation looked up to the Li family. Especially the police, they respected Captain Li a lot.

Su Qianci snuffed and looked at the rich woman's scared face. Jumping up, she kicked at the rich woman's legs. Screaming like a pig, the rich lady's voice startled her friends. As they were about to help, Yang had stopped them. The guard of the University also came to help.

"Help, help!" The rich woman cried. "Help, murder!" She crawled on the ground.

Seeing her miserable look, Su Qianci felt slightly better. Her face was still burning, so a revenge was called for. However, she was in no rush, but turned to look at Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng was surprised. "That was it?"

"Don't want to get my hands dirty." She had better ways to get back at this woman.

At that moment, the police came. After seeing Li Sicheng, they did not even ask any details before they arrested the women. At the police station, the women were taken into custody for twenty days.

7 PM.

With some documents in her hand, Cheng You walked into the living room of Li Sicheng's house. "Mr. Li, here it is." Cheng You caught a glimpse of Su Qianci's bruised face, feeling bad.

Su Qianci looked at the documents Cheng You had brought, looked it over and sneered, "indeed, it's them."

"You knew?" Cheng You was surprised.

"I expected no less." Except for them, she couldn't think of anyone who would use Photoshop to set her up.

Cheng You shook her head and said, "I had no idea they were so foolish. Isn't last time's lesson enough?"

"Old habits die hard." Su Qianci put down documents and asked, "what about those women?"

"As you said, we did not put any pressure on the police and someone had bailed them out," said Cheng You. However, she couldn't help asking, "why would you let them go after what they did to you?"

Sitting on the couch, Li Sicheng looked knowingly at her and asked, "what about what I asked you to do?"

"All done. It's just" Cheng You was a bit hesitant. "Is it too much?"

Su Qianci blinked and asked Li Sicheng, "what did you do?"


Cheng You thought, bankruptcy before acquisition. She was certain that the Li financial group would make the headline tomorrow. Mr. Li would really do anything for his wife!

"What?" Su Qianci was startled. "Then how about the company of Fu Zetian? Are you able to acquire it as well?"

The rich woman's friends were merely her minions, but Fu Zetian had been a mogul in Kingstown for more than a decade.

"Not now, but soon." Li Sicheng looked at Su Qianci and said gently, "the credit is all yours since it's your idea."

Su Qianci looked puzzled. All she had thought of was a way to make the rich woman suffer. How come it became her idea to acquire Fu Zetian's company?

Seeing her confusion, Li Sicheng stood up and said, "let's go. It's time they pay for what they did."
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