The 99th Divorce Chapter 207

Su Qianci now understood why this woman had become so hysterical - it was hard not to, considering the man she had married. The footage that Su Qianci was looking at was taken by the camera that Li Sicheng had someone stick on the bottom of the rich lady's handbag. From this angle, Fu Zetian's feet were visible. Suddenly, with a scream, the camera blacked out. She heard the screaming of the rich lady and the sound of a man beating a woman.

On the next day, this video appeared on Weibo and went viral quickly. Fu Zetian had no idea that his wife would post something like this. Then, Fu Zetian's company experienced a huge crisis that was beyond rescue. On the same day, Fu Zetian's board turned on him as they canceled their collaboration with him, causing Fu Zetian to lose a dozen billion dollars. The press had come to Fu Zetian's home, producing headlines about his company. Everyone was guessing that this might be the doomsday for Fu Zetian.

Tang Mengqing quickly learned everything about this. The more she knew, the more unease she felt. The moment school was over, Tang Mengqing quickly took her stuff and rushed out of the classroom.

Li Weiya happened to be walking out of her classroom and called Tang Mengqing, "Mengqing, wait. This is for you."

Tang Mengqing turned her head. Li Weiya was holding a gift box in her hand and there was a beautiful wristwatch inside. Tang Mengqing was surprised. "For me?"

"Yes!" Li Weiya raised her wrist. "I have one as well. Qianci gave it to me and they were in the same set. She asked me to give it to my best friend."

Hearing it was from Su Qianci, Tang Mengqing looked awkward and said, "Forget it. I don't need something from her"

"But this is a token of our friendship. I don't want to give it to anyone else. Just take it."

Tang Mengqing saw Li Weiya's pleading face and had to nod.

Li Weiya smiled and put the watch on her wrist, saying, "Don't take it off. We will go to dinner together."

"Okay." After getting rid of Li Weiya, Tang Mengqing quickly went back home. After she was let go by the Li Financial Group, Tang Mengying had been staying at home. Tang Mengqing pulled Tang Mengying into her room as soon as she was back. She asked mysteriously, "sister, did you see the news?"

"Yeah. I did not expect that Li Sicheng would be so ruthless this time. It was just face-slapping Su Qianci, and he almost bankrupted Fu Zetian's business."

Tang Mengqing heard the gravity of things and asked hurriedly, "what should we do, sister? If he found out that it was us who sent the photoshopped photos to that old woman, wouldn't it be bad for us?"

"No worries. There's no way he could find out." Tang Mengying sounded confident and sneered, "I could make her lose her baby without anyone doubting me. If you don't tell anyone about this, who could find out?"


"No but. Be smart. All Su Qianci had was the support of the old Captain. Well, I have the support of Qin Shuhua. When the captain's dead, it would be our time."

However, neither of them noticed that a dim red light was beaming on the wristwatch that Tang Mengqing had just put on.

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