The 99th Divorce Chapter 208

Wearing the headphones, Su Qianci was listening to the conversation recorded by the wristwatch. When noticing that Li Weiya had given the watch away, Su Qianci smiled and her fingers danced on the keyboard. She was typing into a chat with Lu Yihan, "Let me know."

"Give me ten minutes."

When Lu Yihan called her, Su Qianci happened to hear Tang Mengying's confident tone. Su Qianci's hands shuddered. Her cell phone fell on the floor.

"I could make her lose her baby without anyone doubting me"

Putting her hands on her flat lower abdomen, Su Qianci's heart trembled. Tang Mengying was behind that? Coach Jin was hired by her? Su Qianci had even given Tang Mengying benefit of the doubt and planned to go easy on her. However, it was no longer necessary.

No one answered the call, so Lu Yihan sent a question mark in the chat.

Su Qianci asked, "Any clue?"

Lu Yihan wrote, "I'll talk to you over the phone."

When the phone rang again, Su Qianci picked up and heard Lu Yihan say, "I got it."

Su Qianci's heart sank as she asked Lu Yihan to continue.

"I followed the IP address information of Tang Mengying and found that she had three. One for work, one for private, and one was constantly off-line. However, it was activated just now."

Su Qianci thought that for sure Tang Mengying had someone helping her. "Where is it based?".

"Not sure for now. However, Tang Mengying was definitely behind the incident with Coach Jin. I think she would definitely take action soon. Did you use the wiretap that I gave you? Did you get anything from it?"

"Yes Will you follow up on that? I think it's more complicated than we think."

Over the headphone, Tang Mengying was still talking through the wiretap. Su Qianci was paying attention to both conversations.

Tang Mengying's tone suddenly changed, attracting all Su Qianci's attention. She said, "So what? If we couldn't get her this time, we will have another chance. Isn't the old captain throwing her a press conference? We will give her a huge present at that time. I still have more chips on hand. The idiot Su Qianci is not even my match."

"What present?" Tang Mengqing asked curiously.

"You will know by then." Tang Mengying did not answer her.

Hearing a ringtone, Tang Mengying said, "I have a call. Step outside for a minute."

Tang Mengqing went away and Tang Mengying's voice disappeared.

Su Qianci hastily said to the phone, "Yihan, could you listen in on Tang Mengying's call?"

Lu Yihan answered lazily, "I'm doing that already. I'll send you the recording later."

After a few minutes, Lu Yihan said it was done.

Su Qianci asked hurriedly, "What is it?"

Lu Yihan was stuttering, "I heard it all. But you have to brace yourself first. This is not good news."

"What did they say?"

"They are going to meet up tonight."

"And then? What is the bad news?"

Lu Yihan hesitated for a while and asked, "Well Is Mr. Li around you?"

Su Qianci noticed the change in the way that Lu Yihan called Li Sicheng. Normally, he would just say "your husband."

"What is it? Tell me!"

"Brace yourself"

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