The 99th Divorce Chapter 209

Su Qianci felt slightly uneasy, preparing herself for all the bad news. However, she had no idea what kind of news Tang Mengying could have to make Lu Yihan talk so carefully. Holding her breath, Su Qianci waited for Lu Yihan's words.

In the end, Lu Yihan said sympathetically, "That woman is pregnant."

Su Qianci felt her ears ringing as if something had crashed in her brain.

Lu Yihan became silent, and so did Su Qianci.

After a long while, Su Qianci said resolutely, "That's impossible!"

Li Sicheng did not say anything and sent Su Qianci the recording.

With her hands shaking, Su Qianci put her finger on the touchpad. She wanted to open the file, but her heart was trembling. No way! In her previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had never been pregnant. And if Tang Mengying had been pregnant, she would have told the world, considering her character.

Right, it was impossible.

Su Qianci curled her lips with great effort and asked, "There is no way the baby is Li Sicheng's, right?"

Lu Yihan sighed.

Su Qianci's heart was wrenched.

She downloaded the recording and played it. It was Tang Mengying's voice, "7 PM, same place."

"A new mission? Are you going to screw with Li Sicheng's girl again?"

"Mind your own business, and your tongue. Otherwise, I could get back the money that I gave you."

"Just asking What do you need this time? And what is the pay?"

"Let's talk in person. In addition, I want you to add something in the video I asked you to make."

"Add what?"

"I will add the information about my pregnancy."

"What? You are really pregnant?"

"Yes, it's Li Sicheng's."

Her voice was sweet and soft, dripping happiness. Su Qianci had lost all her strength hearing that. She suddenly thought of the sexual noises from Australia that had been bothering her for two months. So this would be Tang Mengying's first trimester, when a couple should refrain from sex. Thinking of Li Sicheng's passion toward her over the past days, Su Qianci wondered if she was being treated as a substitute just because Tang Mengying was pregnant.

Su Qianci almost went blank as her heart ached. She should not think too much about this, and she did not want herself to. However, her mind was running wild, bringing tears down her cheeks.

When Li Sicheng went back from work, he immediately went to the master bedroom. Because of the progress they had made, Li Sicheng had asked Su Qianci to stay in the master bedroom. As he entered the room, Su Qianci had her back toward the door, sitting in front of her laptop in a daze.

Li Sicheng hugged her from behind and buried his face in her neck, whispering, "I'm back." However, as he looked up, he saw tears on her almost recovered face.

"What is it?" Li Sicheng glanced at the screen of her laptop and saw it was a chat between Su Qianci and Lu Yihan before Su Qianci turned it off.

Li Sicheng looked slightly upset. Pretending not having noticed it was Lu Yihan, he said, "Let's move your stuff into the master bedroom today."

All her stuff was still in her bedroom. Since they were husband and wife, they should live in the same room. However, Li Sicheng's words meant something else to Su Qianci.

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