The 99th Divorce Chapter 212

Su Qianci was dazed. His eyes were so deep and dark, so sincere that she wanted to burst out: I will. However, she knew. She knew that it was impossible. He was twenty-six years old, a man's primetime. Was that time with her the only time he had ever had sex? Had he never responded to Tang Mengying's pursuit? Su Qianci blinked, her look complicated.

The moment Li Sicheng saw her eyes, his heart sank. Without any answer from her, he could tell that she did not believe him.

Seeing the standoff, Nanny Rong quickly cut in, "It's time for dinner. You need energy to fight."

Fight? Were they fighting?

Su Qianci looked away, took her hand back, turned around, and went upstairs.

Li Sicheng saw her leaving with flames burning in his eyes. He quickly followed her.

Knowing that he was behind her, Su Qianci went faster. The moment she went inside the master bedroom, she locked the door and leaned against it, letting her tears fall. Why didn't she have the courage to ask him? Wouldn't it be much simpler to ask him about Tang Mengying's pregnancy? But she did not dare to

What if he simply admitted that he loved Tang Mengying? She was afraid that he would abandon her. So afraid that she did not have the courage to tell him. A while later, Su Qianci took her phone and laptop, opened the door, and was ready to go out. However, the moment she opened the door, she saw Li Sicheng standing at the door with a cold face. Su Qianci was startled and wanted to shut the door. However, Li Sicheng had already squeezed himself inside.

Su Qianci stepped back, and Li Sicheng approached her. Su Qianci was eventually forced into a corner, feeling uneasy. Li Sicheng glanced at the laptop she was holding and threw it into the bed. Then, with his hands on the wall, Li Sicheng looked down at her. Su Qianci's eyes were puffy. Clearly, she had just cried.

Li Sicheng felt ridiculous. She blamed something nonsensical on him, and now she was crying before he did?

Li Sicheng lowered his voice, trying not to look as angry and asked, "Why don't you believe me?"

Su Qianci's heart was hurting again. "Why would I believe you?"

"I am your husband."

"But I am not your only woman." Su Qianci curled her lips with a great effort. Her smile was compromised by sadness and frustration.

Li Sicheng looked down and tried to kiss her lips.

Su Qianci turned her head, avoiding his lips, making him kiss on her cheek instead.

Tasting the saltiness of her tears, Li Sicheng used the tip of his tongue to pick up more. He traced his kiss from her cheeks to her eyes, eyebrows, nose, and in the end, he held her face with both hands and kissed her lips slowly.

However, Su Qianci pursed her lips, not letting him have his way. More tears fell from her eyes.

"I'll tell you secret." His voice was deep.

Su Qianci glanced at him.

"There has never been a woman that makes me want to sleep with her at first glance before you. You are my first and only."

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