The 99th Divorce Chapter 213

Su Qianci's heart shuddered. She opened her eyes and looked at him with tears.

Li Sicheng used his rough hands to wipe away her tears and asked, "But why did you doubt me in the first place?"

Why did you doubt me He did not sound angry, but wronged.

Su Qianci sobbed, "But why Tang Mengying"

Li Sicheng's heart sank as he asked, "That woman, again?" Was it because Tang Mengying told his wife something?

Seeing his dark look, Su Qianci started to doubt the conclusion she had already reached. It seemed that he did not feel that way about Tang Mengying. Otherwise, it would be difficult to justify his expression.

Li Sicheng noticed her hesitance and got closer to her, asking, "what did she say?"

"She" If Tang Mengying had told Su Qianci to her face, Su Qianci would not have believed it. However, the information came from a wiretap. In addition, there was the call from Australia"She is pregnant."

Li Sicheng heard that, arched an eyebrow, and suddenly sneered. "So soon?" Didn't she claim to love him very much? After they came back from Australia, she announced that she would not marry anyone else but him. He could not take it anymore and asked her to resign. However, within just three months, Tang Mengying was already pregnant.

Su Qianci gritted her teeth, her heart a mess. She looked up and asked him, "You're admitting it?"

"Admitting what?" As he asked, Li Sicheng suddenly understood. "You think the baby is mine?"

Looking at him being calm, Su Qianci suddenly felt suffocated. What a liar! It was obviously his, and he was acting innocent.

"She said herself that the baby was yours."

Li Sicheng had a tiny smile on his face as he said, "80% of the women in Kingstown want to bear my child."

Su Qianci stared her eyes wide, feeling incredulous that he had just said something so shameless.

Li Sicheng moved even closer to her and said, "She had tried to seduce me more than once. However, unfortunately, it's hard for me to get a boner with her around."

Hard for him to get a boner with Tang Mengying around? But toward Su Qianci, he would easily lose control"How You" Su Qianci could not even speak a full sentence. Blushed, she looked down and whispered, "Aren't you having one right now"

His body against hers, Li Sicheng whispered, "I only feel this way with you. Su Qianci, I want to have a child with you."

Su Qianci cringed, wanting to push him away, but he was not going anywhere. She looked up and her lips were immediately blocked by his. Caught off guard, she lost all methods of defense, surrendering to his conquer. With his right arm holding her waist, Li Sicheng lifted her up and pressed her onto the bed.

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