The 99th Divorce Chapter 222

Su Qianci had always known that she was not the smartest person. But that did not mean that she was dumb. Facing Tang Mengying, Su Qianci was extraordinarily calm and said sarcastically, "Is that right?" Her voice was so flat that it seemed she did not care.

Tang Mengying did not see what she had expected and felt a bit confused. Su Qianci had become more and more intelligent, and harder for her to control. Clearly, that was not good news to Tang Mengying.

No one spoke. Two minutes passed and it felt incredibly awkward. Tang Mengying could not stand it anymore and looked like she was struggling.

"Qianci, I think I should tell you something else."

"What is it?"

"I am pregnant. The baby is Brother Sicheng's."

Su Qianci looked slightly surprised, put down the spoon, and looked at her.

Seeing that Su Qianci had finally reacted, Tang Mengying continued, "It's about three months old. It's a boy and has a heartbeat already. The Li family really values a son who could carry the family name. I'm sure they don't want the boy to become a bastard. So, Qianci, could I ask you to step aside? I know that you must be very angry now, but please don't do anything reckless. Brother Sicheng cares about this baby a lot, but he did not want you to be upset, and that's why he sent me to talk to you. He wishes that you could let him go."

Su Qianci did not speak but felt amused. This woman would do anything just to disgust her.

Tang Mengying saw Su Qianci's sneer and probed, "Do you know that he said he had never touched you, and that he had loved nobody else but me?"

After she said that, Tang Mengying stared at Su Qianci. Hearing those words, Su Qianci's eyes shifted. Overjoyed, Tang Mengying thought, so it was real? So, the only time Li Sicheng had ever had sex was with her in Australia? What a surprise! Reminded of his voice and body at that night, Tang Mengying could not help feeling excited.

Tang Mengying could not help herself and said again, "Do you know that his favorite position was to take me from behind? It used to hurt, but he had really been very gentle with me ever since he knew that I was pregnant. Brother Sicheng is such a great man. Last time, auntie also told me that he did not like you that much and had not really accepted you. I guess that's why he had come back to me again and again"

Each word was like a punch in Su Qianci's face. She had no idea what position Li Sicheng liked However, she would not believe anything Tang Mengying said. She had been lied to a million times by Tang Mengying in her previous lifetime. At least she knew that Li Sicheng did not deign to lie to anybody. So, she would be no exception, right?

Su Qianci persuaded herself inwardly and looked at Tang Mengying with a cold look, asking, "Do you know what is pathological obsession?" She was calling Tang Mengying delusional. "In the entire Kingstown, 80% of women want to bear my husband's child. You have tried to seduce him so many times that if he liked you even just a little, it would be impossible for him to resist that. In addition" Su Qianci stood up, approached Tang Mengying, and whispered, "doggy style is the position that he dislikes the most."

Seeing Tang Mengying's face that had darkened suddenly, Su Qianci felt much better and added, "That way, he would feel that he is f**king a bitch, which is sick. Don't you think?"

Tang Mengying bristled and growled, "What do you mean?"

Su Qianci was calling her a bitch! Su Qianci stepped back, smiled elegantly, took her purse and said, "I have other business to attend to and must leave now." She had no idea whether Li Sicheng liked doggy style. However, Su Qianci had deliberately said that.

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