The 99th Divorce Chapter 224

Everyone in the band was an expert at what they do, so Su Qianci immediately blushed at their compliments.

"Very well done indeed." Song Yifan walked over and asked, "How long have you played?"

"Three Four years"

Of course, it was in her previous lifetime.

"That's a remarkable achievement in such a short time This kind of talent" The violinist chuckled and looked around. Although she did not say it, everyone knew what she was hinting at.

Hearing the violinist, Song Yifan blushed out of excitement and said, "You want to play again? Let's play together."


Song Yifan and Su Qianci had such a great rapport that it felt like they had practiced before.

"Excellent!" The violinist clapped her hand. "If it was not because Song Yifan is not married, I would believe you are his daughter."

Su Qianci glanced at Song Yifan.

"Don't joke like that." Although Song Yifan said that, he had a clear smile on his face. Obviously, he utterly enjoyed that comment.

All the colleagues knew Song Yifan pretty well and someone immediately said, "Now you have said that, I do see the resemblance, especially in their mouths."

"Yes, indeed. And she also looks like the girl in the photo that Yifan keeps in his wallet."

"That's right. Is it possible that"

Everyone looked at them. Su Qianci smiled but did not speak. Song Yifan was worried that she might be upset and quickly said, "Stop that. Her mother's family name is Su."

"So, you took your mother's family name? What about your father?" Someone burst out and received a fierce stare from Song Yifan.

Su Qianci did not care about it and said honestly, "I don't have a father. My mother left me in front of an orphanage when I was a child."

"That's awful. But since you don't have a father and Yifan has always wanted a daughter, he could be your godfather."

"That's right!"

As people cheered, Song Yifan was a bit displeased and said, "that's enough. Su Qianci is my guest, and the concert is about to start. Stop messing around."

"Guest? Will she join us and play?" Someone asked.

"I think she should. She's as good as Anna with the violin."

"What do you think, Qianci?"

As everyone was gazing at her, Su Qianci became nervous. "Will it be too much trouble? I'm afraid that I won't play very well"

Also, wasn't this occasion especially important? What if she made any mistakes?

"No worries. Don't be nervous. Just follow my lead." The violinist looked confident. "You're great."

Honestly, Su Qianci also wanted to try. It was a dream of hers. In her previous lifetime, she had never had such an opportunity. Should she take the chance right now?

"It's okay." Song Yifan looked at her. "If you feel nervous, you could observe today, and we have another show tomorrow."

"I'll do it." Su Qianci blushed a little as her eyes lit up. "I want to give it try. Can I?"

Seeing her being nervous and hopeful, Song Yifan smiled and rubbed her hair naturally. "Of course, little girl."

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