The 99th Divorce Chapter 225

The intimate move made Su Qianci freeze briefly. She looked up and saw the fatherly look in Song Yifan's eyes. He was really treating her like his daughter. Something hit Su Qianci's heart. Father. An unfamiliar word. The word that she had coveted for more than two decades. Su Qianci did not resist Song Yifan's touch and nodded. Seeing that, the band all smiled, and no one said anything again.

In the concert hall of the capital opera house, all the guests were the leadership of the country and the diplomats overseas. After listening to the performance quietly, applause sounded like thunder. Even backstage, Su Qianci could hear the compliments everyone paid to Song Yifan. Was a man like this truly her father?

It was frisky at night in Kingstown in October.

After dinner, Li Weiya and Tang Mengqing talked and laughed as they went back to their dorm. Suddenly, Tang Mengqing got a call.

"I'm at the woods on the left side of the school. Come here alone."

Tang Mengqing heard that and said to Li Weiya, "Weiya, you go back first. I have something to tend to."

"But the curfew"

"It's okay. Just go back first."

"Okay" Li Weiya turned around the felt something was off.

It was so late at night. Did Tang Mengqing get a new boyfriend? Last time, her abortion caused quite some drama in her family and school, which damaged her reputation severely. Now that it was gone, Li Weiya hoped nothing bad would happen again. After thinking about it, Li Weiya quietly followed her.

If Tang Mengqing would do something without thinking, Li Weiya could stop her. However, unexpectedly, Tang Mengqing walked directly next to a van. The van looked ordinary, but with Li Weiya's social status, it looked quite shabby to her. Was Tang Mengqing into a boy driving such a van?

A bit upset, Li Weiya followed her and found her getting inside the van. The window of the van was open. When Li Weiya hid behind a tree and wanted to take a glance inside, she heard a familiar voice, "Ask Li Weiya to give this to Su Qianci."

Tang Mengying? What does this mean? If she wanted to meet Tang Mengqing, why did she do it secretly?

Then Li Weiya heard Tang Mengqing asking in a puzzled tone, "A lipstick? Why would you give that disgusting woman a lipstick?"

"It has love potion in it. As long as she put this on her lips, in one hour, she would be stripping in front of everyone. Don't you think it would be a great show if it happens in the middle of the press conference?" Tang Mengying's voice was incredibly cold. Her evil words made Li Weiya cringe. Tang Mengying always looked gorgeous and gentle, treating everyone kindly. In addition, wasn't she a good friend of Li Sicheng? Why would she harm his wife? Those words were too much information to Li Weiya, and too dark.

Tang Mengqing was exhilarated. "Really? Oh my god, sister you are so good. I wonder what Su Qianci would do. If she really does something so shameless in front of the prestigious guests, even Captain Li would not be able to protect her."

Tang Mengying sneered. "At that time, it will be more than this. I will make her so humiliated that she'll want to kill herself."

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