The 99th Divorce Chapter 226

The last event in the capital was in the morning. Having agreed that she would go on the stage, Su Qianci got up early and put makeup on. After what seemed to be an eternity, she picked out a dress that she could wear to the event. Su Qianci thought that the last event would be the same as the previous concert. However, when she got there, she found that it was a music fair. Everyone present was a musician that Su Qianci had only seen on TV in her previous lifetime.

Big potatoes!

When Su Qianci arrived with the band, she felt like she was in a dream. As Song Yifan said hi to everyone, many foreign friends hugged him and greeted him with kisses on the cheeks. Many people noticed Su Qianci, the new girl. Song Yifan introduced her as a young friend who came to learn. However, Su Qianci suddenly felt a gaze and then saw a familiar face. A tall man in a cobalt suit wearing a red necktie.

Walking over to her elegantly, he greeted, "It's been quite a while, Mrs. Li."

"Bo Xiao?" Su Qianci felt surprised, but soon understood that Bo Xiao had already earned a place in the fair. Even she was here, so of course he was.

"I'm honored that Mrs. Li still remembers me." Bo Xiao raised his glass and then looked at Song Yifan. "Mr. Song, so you know each other?"

Song Yifan's smile that was almost always on his face suddenly disappeared the moment he saw Bo Xiao. "I had no idea that you two knew each other either."

"Just once."

Song Yifan curled his lips and said, "That is unfortunate."

Su Qianci had almost never seen Song Yifan being so harsh and gazed at him.

Bo Xiao spread his hands, looking innocent. Still gentlemanly, he asked, "It seems that Mr. Song Yifan has misunderstood me in some way. May I learn what is the reason?"

Song Yifan did not speak, but the violinist said, "I heard that Mr. Bo already has a fianc. However, at the same time, you also have a girlfriend. That leaves your lifestyle in question. Su Qianci is married. Hope you could respect yourself."

Bo Xiao felt wronged as he smiled helplessly. "That is a terrible rumor. I had no idea that people were saying that about me Mrs. Li"

"Bo Xiao, turns out you're here." A pretty girl took that man's arm. "I have been looking for you"

As the girl saw Su Qianci, she suddenly stared at her. Su Qianci felt a chill, but still nodded with a smile. "You met a friend here? I think the host is about to speak, so we should go back to our seats first."

Bo Xiao looked at the girl the same way he did with other people and answered quietly, "okay." Then, he looked up and introduced her, "This is my fianc, Rong Anna."

Rong Anna said hi to people and her gaze lingered on Su Qianci for a while. After the pleasantry, Rong Anna took that man's hand and returned to their seats. Rong Anna waited until they were far from the rest and said, "Bo Xiao, is it my imagination or does that girl look like my mother"

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