The 99th Divorce Chapter 228

Su Qianci was pushed down and her fair skin was immediately scuffed. Hearing the sound of unbuckling, Su Qianci's heart trembled. What was he trying to do? Was her luck so bad? Su Qianci braced herself to get up from the ground and rushed toward the exit of the alley. However, the drunk man reacted fast and pulled Su Qianci back again.

The alley was quite dirty, with shattered glass everywhere. Su Qianci landed on the glass, which made her back hurt.

Su Qianci quickly took a large piece of glass and swung it at the man, "go away!"

The drunk man's cheeks were red, with long mustache. His clothes looked shabby. Seeing the piece of glass in Su Qianci's hand, he grinned. "Interesting girl." His voice was so hoarse that it sounded like he had not drunk any water in decades.

Seeing him approaching, Su Qianci shuddered and said in a broken voice, "Don't get any closer, or else I will kill you!"

"Every woman said that, but in the end, they were all enjoying it. Be a good girl, and I could be gentle with you."

Startled, Su Qianci swung the piece of glass in her hand, trying to scare him away. However, the drunk man was clearly skilled at it. With an obscene smile, he threw himself at her, not scared at all. The long piece of glass was stabbed into his arm and blood immediately started to flow. Su Qianci screamed and immediately let go. However, the drunk man took that opportunity and put his stinky mouth next to her.

Su Qianci was about to vomit and yelled, "Help! Go away!"


Su Qianci heard a voice asking, which was extremely familiar.

"Lu Yihan, Lu Yihan! Help!" Su Qianci sobbed and used all her strength to push the drunk man away.

Su Qianci's suitcase and cell phone were both in front of the alley. Lu Yihan immediately rushed inside and saw a dirty figure. Infuriated, Lu Yihan pulled the man up and punched him in the face. However, the drunk man was not a pushover and quickly fought back. Su Qianci got up and did not know what to do. "Qianqian, you go first!" Lu Yihan took a hard punch and fell on the floor.

As a programmer, Lu Yihan was good at technology, instead of fighting. He was not at all the match of the drunk man. Su Qianci was almost in tears, quickly found another piece of glass, and stabbed at the drunk man.

However, the drunk man stared his eyes wide and flipped Lu Yihan against the glass

She clearly felt the glass piercing flesh. Su Qianci froze, looking at the scene blankly.

Lu Yihan covered the side of his stomach with his hand, as red blood continued to flow out of his wound. On top of that, a piece of glass was set deep in the wound.

The drunk man saw that and immediately pushed Lu Yihan away, running as fast as he could. As he ran away, Su Qianci collapsed. Fear took over her and she could not even move a muscle.

She killed someone

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