The 99th Divorce Chapter 229

She killed someone And it was her best friend. What should she do? Su Qianci's eyes became hazy as she tried to breathe. Gathering all her strength, she lifted Lu Yihan up, leaning his head against her shoulder. Feeling his pain, Su Qianci could not stop her tears. "Hang in there. I'll take you to the hospital."

He could not die! However, before she walked out of the alley, Lu Yihan could not stand up straight and collapsed. Unable to take his weight, Su Qianci also fell to the ground. At this time, Su Qianci eventually lost control and exclaimed, "Lu Yihan, please don't die"

Lu Yihan covered his wound and said helplessly, "Little fool, it is not in the heart. I won't die, but it really hurts Hell"

Hearing him, Su Qianci felt slightly relieved, wiped away her tears, and stood up. "I'll go call someone. Hang in there. Please don't die!"

Su Qianci quickly ran away, and Lu Yihan lost his consciousness. He felt he had seen a figure standing behind a window facing this way with an extremely cold gaze. When he was at the hospital, it was more than ten minutes later. After the urgent care, Lu Yihan's life was no longer in danger. The silver lining was that although the piece of glass was two inches deep under his skin, it did not hurt his bowels, so it was still manageable.

Hearing the news, Su Qianci immediately felt a bit relieved. Then she got a call from Li Sicheng.

"You're not home yet?" that was the first sentence he said.

Su Qianci checked the time and it was past 9 PM. Nanny Rong had called three times and Su Qianci asked her to go home first. Unexpectedly, Li Sicheng got the news. Su Qianci confirmed and felt relaxed hearing Li Sicheng's voice.

"Go home as soon as you can. Nanny Rong's worried about you."

And so was he. Su Qianci pursed her lips and felt a bit sullen. She had a lot to talk to him, but he was in America"When will you be back?"

Hearing her upset tone, Lu Yihan smiled slightly and suddenly felt his mood which had been bad for a couple of days lighting up.

Li Sicheng answered calmly, "Tomorrow."

"Are you still in New York?"

"Yes, the professor is gone. I am helping arrange for his funeral."

Mr. Stewart's funeral was today, while Su Qianci's press conference was tomorrow. It was at least twelve hours flight from New York to Kingstown, so the timing would be tricky Thinking of the possibility that he might not make it, Li Sicheng felt guilty and added, "rest well. I will try to make it to the press conference tomorrow."

"Okay." Su Qianci was a bit disappointed. "I'll wait for you."

"Dimon" Someone was calling Li Sicheng's English name.

"Go back and wait for me to come back," Li Sicheng said.


"When I'm back, let's redo the wedding. What do you think?"

"Redo the wedding?" Su Qianci was dazed. When they got married, the two families simply had dinner together, so it was a bit too simple. However, she had no idea that Li Sicheng would bring this up. Overjoyed, Su Qianci pretended to be calm. "Is that necessary?"

"Yes, I want everyone to know that you are Li Sicheng's wife."

Su Qianci immediately lit up. "All right!"

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