The 99th Divorce Chapter 231

The press conference was a huge event. People in business, entertainment, and fashion were all invited. Li Sicheng might be the only person in the entire Kingstown who was able to get all the celebrities together. Checking the plan that Li Sicheng had come up with overnight, Cheng You made a few adjustments and kept herself busy.

The venue was in the new neighborhood of mansions that Li Sicheng had recently acquired. It was a large and luxurious property. With red carpets and roses all over, the place was lit by brilliant chandeliers. A lot of reporters were waiting on the side, ready to broadcast the banquet through television and the Internet.

When Su Qianci was picked up by Yang, it was the afternoon. A lot of family members of the Li family had arrived, chatting together in the living room. The stylist Sunny took Su Qianci into the dressing room, helping her get ready. As Sunny was working on Su Qianci, someone peeked inside the room. Li Weiya smiled at Su Qianci. "Sister!"

Seeing it was Li Weiya, Su Qianci smiled. "Yes?" Li Weiya came over with a smile, but Su Qianci saw someone behind her through the mirror.

Tang Mengqing. Seeing Tang Mengqing, Su Qianci looked displeased.

Not noticing any difference in Su Qianci's look, Li Weiya handed Su Qianci a box. "When I went shopping yesterday, I thought this shade of lipstick that suits you very well, so I bought it and brought it over. Use this today."

"Lipstick?" Sunny looked over. "Which shade? Let me have a look."

Li Weiya gave Su Qianci the box. "You open it, sister."

Su Qianci smiled and unwrapped the package, finding it to be the new product of a top brand.

Sunny's eyes lit up. "Indeed, it suits you very well. Here, let's try it on."

Then, Sunny started to put the lipstick on Su Qianci's lips. Tang Mengqing blinked as she felt overjoyed seeing that Su Qianci had fallen into the trap. Su Qianci had glanced at the mirror and clearly saw Tang Mengqing's look.

Su Qianci's heart sank and suddenly moved away. "Wait a second."

Sunny was dazed. "What is it?"

Strange. Tang Mengqing's look was so strange. Su Qianci pursed her lips and pretended to say, "Where did you buy the lipstick? I think the scent is a bit funky."

"Is it?" Sunny looked puzzled. "Smells good to me."

"You don't like it, sister?" Li Weiya looked a bit disappointed. "I picked it out for the shade."

Seeing Li Weiya's face, Su Qianci felt a bit swayed. She really liked this little girl. "I like it. It's very pretty."

"Then let's try it out." Sunny immediately put it on Su Qianci's lips and then looked satisfied.

"Gorgeous!" Li Weiya exclaimed with admiration. "Sister, you're so pretty. Don't you think, Mengqing?"

Excited to see Su Qianci wearing the lipstick, Tang Mengqing grinned and nodded. "Yes, great!"

The drama that they had prepared for a long time could eventually be aired. With the collaboration from the victim, of course it would be great.

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